Why It’s Easier Than Ever to Do Raw Right!

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I feel so old…

Did I get your attention? 😉

Actually, I feel great!  What I mean to say is that I’ve been involved in the raw food movement for almost two years now.  While that may not seem like a very long time, I have seen some amazing changes take place.

Changes that make it easier than ever to do raw right.

Back in *my* day…

When I went raw back in 2007, there were only a few raw sources promoting a healthy high fruit, low fat raw vegan diet.  People like Dr. Douglas Graham, Frederic Patenaude, and Roger Haeske.

At the time, I was dabbling in the high fat raw food diet.  However, I really was not comfortable with all the fat I was eating (something like 600-800 calories from fat a day).  Plus, I was spending hours in the kitchen making complicated recipes that barely filled me up!

So I started looking for alternative raw methods on Amazon.  By some stroke of luck, I quickly came across Frederic Patenaude’s book The Raw Secrets.  I ordered it pretty much right away, even though I had never heard of Frederic or this book before.

Honestly, I just thought the cover was pretty and the title was intriguing! 😀

Needless to say, the book totally blew me away.  It completely changed my way of thinking about nutrition and health in general.

So I was immediately inspired to try a high fruit raw food diet.  After  experiencing awesome benefits in just a few days, I knew I had found the best diet in the world.  By some stroke of luck, I had discovered the “Holy Grail” of diet plans and there was no turning back for me.

And so, here I am.

What has changed

In less than two years, the raw food movement has exploded. It seems that there are new raw sites and forums popping up everyday!

Because of this, it is now so much easier for anyone to discover how to go raw and apply that knowledge in his or her own life.  All you need is an internet connection and a few spare minutes!

More importantly, the high fruit raw way has grown substantially.  There are many more people promoting this way of eating than ever before.

For instance, there is now a low fat raw vegan specific forum called 30 Bananas a Day.  It has over 1000 members and is just as active as many of the mainstream raw sites!  It really is a great forum.

Even some of the mainstream raw forums now have sections specifically for low fat raw supporters.

*Most* importantly, the sentiment towards low fat raw vegans has changed as well.  I no longer find as many people shrugging off eating simply.  In fact, I see many people questioning the high fat way and experimenting with a high fruit raw diet!

It’s pretty cool. 🙂

Why have things changed?

I think these profound changes within the raw food movement have come about simply because people are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Let me put it this way.  Pretend you are told that a raw food diet full of nuts, oils, and superfoods is the absolute best diet and that you will experience utter joy and elation from eating this way.  Who can resist?

So you give it a try.  It’s been months and what have been your results?  Severe cravings.  Tooth decay.  Chronic fatigue.  On and on…

Enough is Enough!

I think people are finally starting to realize that it isn’t about dogmatism.  It isn’t about appeasing the raw food “gurus.”  It isn’t about raw food for raw food’s sake.

It’s about results.  People aren’t getting the results they expected from the mainstream raw food movement and so they are looking elsewhere.

Where else is there to go?

Why, the fruity side, of course! 😉

What this means for you

The greatest thing about this change within the raw food movement is that beginning low fat raw foodists (like you, perhaps) now have ample amount of support available to them.

This support comes in the form of forums, like 30 Bananas a Day, Gone Raw and VegSource.

There are free raw forum challenges held almost every month that provide great motivation and encourage community relationships.  I actually hosted a 30 day challenge back in May on a raw vegan fitness forum (unfortunately, I did not own the site and the domain registration expired) and it was great to see all the motivation and encouragement from people on the board.

There are numerous low fat raw blogs providing useful, down-to-earth raw experiences and information…kind of like this one!

More and more long-term raw foodists are offering invaluable one-on-one consultation services.

There are numerous high-quality e-books and recipe books available that target a low fat raw audience.

*Whew* That’s a lot!

So if you’ve been waiting to go raw the *right* way, now is the time to do it.  With all the community support available, you really have no excuse not to!

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