White Wolf Pass

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Beautiful White Wolf Pass

            The first thing an individual will see when visiting my home in Northern Ontario Canada is the endless rolling countryside and the majestic snowcapped mountains. Nestled between them is the placid blue waters of Wolf lake, its shoreline hemmed with ancient white pine trees. Their beauty matched only by the rainbow colors of smooth granite walls that line the sleepy little village far below.

Wolf Clan

            The village is home to the Wolf Clan, a Native American tribe that has lived off the land for several thousand years. I was adopted at birth by a medicine woman in our village and raised in the Native American tradition. My mother was loved by all that Spirit sent her way. She, in her infinite wisdom, saw a special gift within me that she nurtured. I was taught the way of plant medicine and healing energy of crystals. My mother taught me how to harvest plants for medicine and how to combine the energy within the gem stones to assist in the healing of those that fell ill.

A Child’s Cry for Help

            One day a child was brought to my mother by the parents that lived in another village. The young girl was afflicted with nightmares and became withdrawn from all those around her. The medicine man of their village gave them a crystal from his medicine bag and told them the child was fine and only seeking attention. He told them not to accept her behavior and to ignore her. He states, that she should keep the crystal on her person and the dreams would pass. The dreams did not pass and so they brought the child to our village upon hearing of my mother and her unique ways of healing others.

Healing Pond

            When the parents and child came to my mother she requested that the young girl and parents walk with her down to the wading pool beneath the waterfalls in the village. The cascading waters of the falls were very soothing to the soul. I remember the wide eyed look of excitement upon the face of the child as they stopped on the smooth flat rocks by the falling waters. The water was very warm and as the sunlight passed through the mist of the cascading water, a rainbow formed. Mother asked the child to give her the crystal that had been given to her. The young girl gave her the crystal and Mother threw it into the wading pond. The parents became agitated with my mother and the father spoke harshly as he did not like what she had done.

            Mother lifted her hand and told the parents to be silent. Turning to the child she spoke softly and said, “Child wade into the water and listen with the heart. If one of the crystals or stones which rest there call to the inner child within, you may have what called out to the energy within.” The child returned to her with a very smooth stone in her hand. “Look at the colors of the rainbow,” the young girl said. Turning to both parents my mother told them there was more energy in the simple stone she held in her tiny hand then in the crystal, because she picked out the stone herself. Mother then told the parents of the young girl they must listen to their child. After several sessions with my mother it was later revealed, the child had been abused by a close family member.


            The lesson I learned from observing this situation changed my life and helped me to become the person I am today.  Because I realized as a healer, I must look beneath the surface and find the underlying causes and effects when treating any given situation that may arise.


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