Pro-Grade Paintball Pants

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When I get out in the field I play rough. I slide, dive, and run into anything in my way. Needless to say, my legs take a good beating. This is something I’ve had to overcome in my career, which can be especially hard being a woman in the game. I have searched high and low to find you the best pair of paintball pants on the market for both men and women. You will notice that they are made for men, but if you make sure to check the size chart the vast majority of women can find a size that will fit them comfortably, and yes, they will be baggy on you, but that’s what you want. There is nothing worse than the feeling of the paintball hitting you in tight clothes. I’d rather feel it on bare skin because the tightness of the clothing actually helps spread the sting, but the baggier the pants are the more they will actually catch the paint and absorb most if not all of the shock.

My paintball pant of choice after going through countless rips, tears, and bruises are without a doubt the Dye C7 men’s paintball pants ranging in price from $149.97 to $160 depending upon store and size needed. They do come in a variety of colors so you can match it to your gear or get a color that will help you blend in where you play. What makes these pants great is the awesome padded protection. The Dye C7 has you covered from shin to hip in this year’s model. They have added heavy-duty multi-panel ballistic nylon kneepads with Kevlar stretch joints for maximum strength. This is the best protection you can get without sweating yourself out. The Dye C7 pant has over 50% more ventilation than any paintball pant before it. This will keep you much cooler while you’re hiding out or storming the enemy’s bunker in pursuit of the flag. For those of you that are like me and play from season to season no matter what the weather is the Dye C7 is the only pant that has an adjustable waste to allow for those extra layers in the winter or additional padding anytime of the year. They also feature the adjustable cuff in the pant leg to allow for any size shoe or boot you chose to wear or those extra socks for the colder months. These pants are extremely durable due to the not double, but triple stitching. Trust me; there are few things worse than ripping your pants in the middle of the game. The makers of the C7 guarantee you will get more than a seasons wear from them, which no other company does. The makers at Dye have gathered professional players to put these pants to the test and 10 out of 10 say they would wear them from practice to tournament play.


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