SEX is not a 3 letter word

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Sex is not a three letter word. It has some thing more… which we don’t know.

It’s not only a physical need it’s a Bond, understanding, trust etc…

Sex: Some thing Every one has X factor.

We say money is more important. It plays a major role in life and it is the most influencing factor in life. Yes we are right; we are running behind the money in our busy life so called corporate life.

But we are ignoring our roots.

Sex is a base for this entire world because of that only we are here

We don’t know the exact meaning or exact purpose of SEX.

Its one of the best exercise and stress relief when we do, whom we own in our life as a PARTNER.

Now days sex has became more in to physical need noting more than that, that’s why more disturbances in personal life. When this corporate world started in our life it’s became more complicated. As a physical need also we are not able to satisfy our self.

Because ….. So many excuses, every one has his/her own excuses.

We can’t do anything with that … the dissatisfaction which we had in personal life slowly carried in to his/her Professional life.

That’s what I thought to discuss on this topic.

How that X factor is important in professional life?

Every company has to plan their working style, mainly working hours. Because … work pressure is in such a way that he/she after reaching home also spending lot of time with laptop on bed more than partner. These professional stress disturbing personal life and relations are becoming weaker and weaker day 2 days.

To strengthen the relation we developed weekend culture …. Ignoring the basics. We are making up our mind every thing we have to plan on weekends only. But entire we are spending our life as a machines not emotions no attachments.

If we go through any individual who achieved heights in life, his/her personal life supported him/her very much. It means with out personal life satisfaction we can’t achieve much in our life.

Use SEX as a stress relief and for bonding then only our professional life become more successful and comfortable.



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