Shadow Warfare

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I have played online video games for a long time. You could even say I have played
them all. Star Craft to Runescape to Halo if it has been on a computer I have played it.
However I tend to lean towards browser and text based games as they are usually persistent
games with no resets or matches last longer then 30 minutes!

I have picked a few games I have decided to continue to play with the growing strains on time we are all feeling! Among these games is one in particular called “Shadow Warfare”.

Shadow Warfare is a game based in a medieval setting with swords, shields, bows and arrows. It also sports a bit of the mystical with potions and half-blood demon-humans. It is turn based which some people dislike but I enjoy it, you can attack, trade, play the market, train, and even play mini games with your turns. It truly has a lot to do with it’s integrated chat and forum with no extra logins to go to the forum it becomes very active!

The actual game play is still fun being text based the battle logs are complete! You
can go to war with an opposing cult and steal resources after you destroy forts which you can
actually plan the layout of the players in each fort for a strategic advantage! If war is not
your thing then you can join the race to be the first to kill the king Demon Sonneillon.

The player base is a fun group! They are always role-playing and just having fun in
general with few spammers! I enjoy this game everyday and I will keep playing it for years.
You can find Shadow Warfare on any search engine come become my next victim!

Have fun!


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