How to Lower Your Gas Costs

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If you are aware of your surroundings at all I am sure you as well as the entire world has noticed gas prices have exceeded 1.5$ per litre in Canada and most of you are aware that that is just insanity! We could spend weeks discussing why and how it is an unfair money grab but the thieves in the oil industry will get theirs someday! In the meantime we need to drift as far from using fossil fuel as we can. If we can’t stop then we still need to use less! I am going to outline some good ideas to try to reduce your bills and ecological footprint!

Firstly, we all know SUVs and big trucks burn a lot more gas right? We shouldn’t have to talk about it again. If a vehicle is big it is a guzzler and don’t buy it PLEASE!

Secondly, we all drive a bit fast. I put gas in my car and it scares me, 80 CAD for a tank that is ridiculous, so when I saw that I decided I would try to fix it, I bought a bottle of cleaner additive and it improved my mileage. After that I got to think and did a FULL cleaning of spark plugs, fuel injectors etc. and it improved yet more! Now, this is the part my friends and family have a hard time with! Drive at the perfect speed for your car on the highway/freeway what have you. For my car the perfect speed is around 95k/hour which is roughly 60miles an hour. Google your perfect speed!

This one shocks some people, go diesel! I know some people dislike diesel but it is better mile per gallon and it used to be cheaper but is still cheaper to run then gasoline! When you convert to diesel there is something else you can do to make driving even cheaper! Me and a friend recently thought of creating our own biofuel! We got about 200 Gallons of (used) french fry cooking oil and are currently filtering it for a cast of about 30$! Unless we convert his diesel car to completely cooking oil it has to be cut half and half which is still about 300$ savings for an hours work and even better you save the environment by already using a pre-used product! I encourage all you diesel drivers to look into it more closely!

We have all heard and read about hybrids, they are good for your pocketbook(when it comes to fuel not cost!) and they are better for the environment but ultimately I would love a world where you car runs off a real renewable energy created by each household but that will only happen when fossil fuels run out!


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