How to Save Yourself From the Recession

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Due to the recent heavy movement in the markets people all around the world are screaming of this global recession. This instilled a mass panic which in turn actually created a financial crisis. The trends of the market clearly show some down times to come anytime in the future!

I have marveled at how this trend has gone to the heads of everyone including the senate as they panic and attempt to throw away money! This will fix the problem perhaps for a week or long enough to get re-elected and ultimatly it could last their lifetime but it will eventually destroy the economy as it is not the proper answer! Some people have asked how did this happen, well it is simple really two main problems.

Firstly is the fact that banks for the past ten years have asked people where they work, if they say McDonalds they only get 1million instead of 2 for a better job, when in reality a job like that can barely support 200thousand not five times that. The profit on a bigger mortgage was the incentive now they are all paying for it, let “em burn I say those who were smarter will last and won”t get us in this problem again! secondly, this one will more strongly affect the after effects of this so called “recession”. All the big companies shipping our jobs over to Asia and all those scam multi-level/do nothing make money companies have slaughtered our own economy!

Now you are thinking, how do I stay safe through this! I have my lifes savings in mutual funds and I am going to lose it all. Guess what? The ONLY way you can lose out on this is if you sell instead of BUY! With the markets going lower I am investing every dime I can spare and I will continue to do that with every penny I can until the market recovers, sure it will drop further and my money will be worth less but when the markets recover I coul make as much as 30% in a year, that number is worth the stress. Alternatively if you have funds invested right now and you withdraw them then yes you LOSE bad idea, stick it through I know it will be stressful! Do not panic is my motto, people are saying GET ME OUT and those of us who are smart and want to make some money as well as save our own economy are screaming GET ME IN!


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