SSD for the future?

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SSD ( Solid state drives ) a whole new storage media that is introduced not too long ago, but it is still not widely used due to the price to manufacture them, other wise this whole new technology can really replace the original harddrive without a doubt as it can be made with larger capacity and also less fragile like the old harddisks.

The only problem with the SSD right now is that it is too expansive to manufacture at large capacity that is why the old harddrive is still dominating the market for these storage media at the moment.

Accroding to Intel, they said they have made a new line of SSD that might have the ability to bring the cost down by 60% with is quite significant. Intel claims that the whole new 34nm (nanometre) NAND flash memory chip will be used to replay the older 50nm chips. The new 34nm process is the key to bring down the cost. They are thinking to price the new line SSD ( 80 GB X25-M) at about $225 US per unit.

So as time goes by it is highly possible that SSD will be widly used in the future but, would it be anytime soon? or it is still a long way to go. What if they cost is stuck at certain price which they can’t bring it down anytime soon would you buy it? or just stick with the old harddisk?

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