I Beat Bacterial Vaginosis Myself

One of the lowest points in my adult life was when I contracted Bacterial Vaginosis (also known as BV).

Initially, I was told it was a yeast infection, so I spent numerous months taking prescribed drugs and inserting suppositories. The uptake of this was that my condition became worse instead of better and I started to fall into a mild depression.

For anyone that has ever suffered Vaginal itching and burning when passing water, only they can understand the discomfort and distress it can cause. Not to mention the smell. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times a day you wash yourself, you never feel clean because of the awful fishy smell.

I started to dread the hot weather. It seems to multiply the effects ten fold. I started to leave my underwear off when I could. As soon as I got in from work, I would put a skirt on, take off my underwear and let the fresh air circulate (I still do this even though my BV has gone – old habits!)

After spending many hours on the internet, I read about BV and decided to visit my GP and get tested. Sure enough, it came back positive and I was put on a course of antibiotics.

This went on for a couple of years. The antibiotics would clear it up and I would be like a new woman, then it would rear it’s ugly head again.

I felt like I would never lead a ‘normal’ life ever again. I was a thirty something woman with everything going for her, but I felt like a freak.

I tried changing my diet. I personally found this eased the symptoms but didn’t actually get rid of the problem.

I also tried a  number of recommended alternative treatments all of which have their own merits. I think some remedies will cure one person’s BV but not necessarily others.

Some of the things I tried along the way were Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Tea Tree Oil,  Apple Cider Vinegar, and Probiotics.

After two long years of mysery, I stumbled upon a cure that changed my life. My mum had read about it on the internet and I decided to give it a go (I had tried nearly everything else) and guess what? It actually worked!

I waited for the ‘return’ but it never came.

I have been ‘Free’ of  Bacterial Vaginosis for over 12 months now (a personal record). I feel normal again – no, I feel better than normal. I feel alive again and that’s due to the freedom of being rid of BV.

Bacterial Vaginosis can be an unpleasant and distressing condition to live with. Come and visit us at http://cure-bv-fast.com and find out how to cure yourself of BV and live a normal care free life again.

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