UFC Undisputed Luis Cane CAF

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One of the most interesting things about mma is watching developing talent rise up through ranks. UFC lightheavyweight fighter Luis Cane is one of those guys that has been beating everyone placed in front of him the last couple years. Here today in this article we will discuss details and information needed in order to make a UFC Undisputed Luis Cane CAF. At the end of the page is a link to where you can find over 20 created fighter CAF formulas.

But here I will discuss some of the fighting styles, skills and attributes to use when making a UFC Undisputed Luis Cane CAF. As far as the fighting styles are concerned those at home have several options but let me recommend using Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. But depending on the type of fighter trying to create then kickboxing or judo can work as well. I still think that Muay Thai is the best option though since he is known to throw a wide variety of strikes.

There is plenty of things that can be moved around and adjusted in terms of skills and attributes when creating a UFC Undisputed Luis Cane CAF. As far as the physical levels are concerned I would probably go with making him a speed fighter and keeping the strength and stamina at a normal range. Then of course there is the attributes and here his striking, clinch and kicking offensive attributes should all be at good settings and just work on making him a standup character.

List of UFC Undisputed CAF Formulas


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