Adults returning back to school

I work part time as a Home attendant. I would like to do something else with my life.  This job is a dead end job with no growth with this agency.  I have been soul searching these last few months. I have been thinking about returning to school. I have some college coarses taken already from a few years back. I am at the point where I want to start a career, but I am having trouble choosing a major. For the most part I would start out with the basic English and Math. I fear in returning to class with the younger students. The fear of failing. I want my children to see that Mom can go to school and become something and so can they. I have spoken with many people about this and some say try it. Others say I am to old and just wasting time. The wasting time is stuck in my head. I feel as thought I have wasted enough time as it is and don’t have that much more time to spare. I know there are others like me that have the same fear. Feel like they can not do it or it just doesn’t fit in our hectic lives. I think as a parents we don’t take the time out to see what we want to finish accomplishing in our lives. After we get settled down with the husband, boyfriend and the children.  We tend to get a little lazy. We think about others before we think about ourselves. Life is all about chances and I would like to take a chance.

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