Lunar eclipse and problem of birds.

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There was a long talk about lunar eclipse of 2009. It was already announced that it would be the longest lunar eclipse of this century and people from all over the world started to come to India to see best view of this great scene.

Today India witnessed one of the longest lunar eclipses of this century for more than 6 minutes. Everyone was talking about lunar eclipse and its effects on mankind. Some religious astrologer also opened their shops for saving people by some astrological tantrums.

It was great scene what I saw today. I am in Delhi and this city witnessed only partial eclipse with cloudy sky, but the people of this city were very enthusiasts to see it. The best shot I got on TV from the city of Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi which witnessed full lunar eclipse without any disturbance from the cloud.

But the effect what I noticed today was the confusion among the birds. In the morning time, sweet chirping sound of birds was there, these birds came out for their daily routine and were flying in the sky but suddenly as Moon started to grab the Sun, these birds started chirping and it was looking more like a shout than a usual sweet chirping. It seemed that these birds were looking confused on what happened in the sky and sudden night.

It was amazing to see these birds confused, shouting, flying here and there but also made me sad about their condition.

What do you think about it ?


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