How to Shop for a Clothes Dryer

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Your wardrobe is very important to you and how your clothes appear when they are removed from the dryer will affect your appearance. With today’s technology there are many new features not found on older models that may be worth looking into.

I have outlined a list of things to consider when looking to purchasing a dryer.

Step1 :

Depending on your hook up will determine if you purchase an electric or gas dryer. A gas dryer will cost you a little more but will save you a little on energy cost. A consumer affairs magazine estimates that a gas dryer will save you approximately 30 cents per load over an electric dryer.

Step2 :

Since manufactures rate capacity different you will want to use cubic feet as your standard measurement. As a rule of thumb, if your washer is 3.5 cubic feet you will want a dryer that is twice the size, 7.0 cubic feet. You need twice as much room in your dryer because your clothes need more room to move around for drying.


With today’s technology the controls on many dryer models have digital displays, with one touch programming and pre-sets for certain fabric types. If you prefer the dial controls those models are also available.


Moisture sensors, found in newer models, help prevent over-drying and extends the life of your clothes. This feature can also make ironing easier and save energy.


Different fabrics require different drying times and temperatures. When your clothes are dried with the correct settings, they will have fewer wrinkles and look newer. Choose a model that will meet your needs.


A few other things to look for in a dryer is a drum light so you can find small items; a drying rack to dry heavy items like sneakers so they don’t spin, and a lint filter sensor that warns you when your filter needs to be cleaned. This last option is optional as you should clean your lint filter after every load.


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