Piano From the Inside

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While my OS of my pc was being reinstalled by my brother, I had nothing to do. Turning to the other end of the room, I grabbed a Christmas book and started mangling the chords of and improvising on the Twelve Days of Christmas in a Chick Corea kind of way (dream on, Minette).   With a pencil on one hand, and the other hand on the piano keyboard, I was enjoying the creative juice, when…. “toink”……………….  treble F just won’t bounce back. It’s as lifeless as a dead frog on the road.

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

“Of all times, why choose to disrupt my momentum, you good ‘ol favorite piano?” Oh well, what can i do? Open it up! Like a desperate driver on a road to nowhere, I lifted the hood (well it’s actuallly the cover) that supports the pieces, and the top portion that serves as a mantle and shelf which is kinda heavy, but  I have no choice.

With a little twitching and poking and gentle pulling, I was able to put the wooden mechanism that holds the hammer in place. Dex tried to help by finding a replacement for the small, iron peg that was lost, but it was too difficult to find an exact size that would fit.

Oh well, I hope it lasts long enough for a few months before the wooden mechanism jumps out of its place again. For now, I’m happy that the piano is kinda back to normal… frustrated because by now, I’ve already lost my momentum for playing and improvising…

… now where’s that chocolate bar?… I need some ENDORPHIN rush again…


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