Where Do You Keep Your Children’s Masterpieces?

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So, what’s a mom to do with all her children’s masterpieces? Here are a few suggestions. Try them out and let me know which one you like best.

1. Create a Gallery.
Select a specific area (or areas) of your home to display the art work. When possible, let your child in on the action and have them help you choose the location as well as the frames that they will be displayed in. Once you’ve mounted the frames, pick the ones to be displayed or let your child choose. Ask them to pick up to three or four they love or like the best and rotate in new ones when it’s time for a change. You might also want to take them to an art gallery as a follow up activity.

2. Make a Book. If you watched Oprah’s Clean Up Your Messy House show recently, you may have heard about www.snapfish.com . You can send in your photos to Snapfish and they’ll put together a nice book for you. To make your book, you’ll need to:

  • Scan your children’s art work first to create a .jpg or .gif (i.e., photo)
  • Upload photo after creating a Snapfish account

Again, your child can choose their favorite works of art to be used. Nice gift idea, huh?

3. Create Something Special. Did you know that you can put almost anything on a mug, tote, or even a blanket? Why not your child’s favorite art work? How about creating some special stationary, calendars, or even greeting cards? For more information, visit Snapfish or Snaptotes . If you’re up for an even bigger project, you can also make a coffee table to show off the great stuff your kids bring home.


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