Skincare Even a Kindergartener Could Understand

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When it comes to skincare, we inevitably think that more complicated means more effective.  Does taking care of your skin properly require a Ph.D. in pharmacology? Absolutely not.  Read on for simple skincare solutions that even a kindergartener could understand.

Cost Does Not Always Equal Quality

Sometimes more expensive products also tend to be higher quality.  That’s not always the case, though, when it comes to skincare.  Many popular skincare companies charge a lot for their products because they spend a lot of money on advertising.  Their products come accompanied by a high price tag yet still might contain animal byproducts that can clog pores or fragrances that can irritate skin.

Opt for fragrance-free, botanical-based products to get the most quality for your dollar.  One brand to try is Arbonne’s ABC line.  You don’t have to be a baby or toddler to benefit from this wholesome line.  So think like a kindergartener and opt for Arbonne’s ABC line including a combo hair and body wash solution and their baby lotion for an after-shower treat.

It’s Snack Time!

Do you remember in kindergarten when you were always eager to see what your classmate next to you brought for snack time or lunch?  Well, you can follow that same logic as an adult, except apply it to skincare this time.  Ask around.  Chances are your friends and family will be willing to share their beauty secrets with you.  If you have any “earthy” friends, you’ll most likely get some really great advice and learn about products you might not have otherwise come across on your numerous shopping excursions.

Brand Loyalty Isn’t a Consumer’s Worst Mistake

Forget what budgeting experts tell you about the pitfalls of brand loyalty.  If you want clear, glowing skin, be brand loyal.  Once you find something that works, continue to use it.  Why risk ruining something that works?  Stock up on those products that really do deliver on their promises.  Just like a kindergartener’s lunchbox always contains his favorite cookie brand, your linen closet should house your favorite beauty products, even if you have to trim expenses somewhere else in your budget to afford them.


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