Dental Hygiene: A Few Tips

Dental Hygiene: A Few Tips

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Importance of the teeth are best realized when people have no other means but to reach to a dentist for their extraction. Teeth are hopelessly neglected although they pay great services every day. Teeth in good health keep away the unbearable pain for which pain-relieving medicines of higher potentiality with definite or indefinite side-effects are generally taken by all.

Food and drinks have an important role in maintaining the dental hygiene. Still nobody can confidently prescribe a list of food and drinks that may be beneficial for or detrimental to the health of the teeth. The decay is caused by certain acid produced by some bacteria. These bacteria grow when there is fermentable carbohydrate. Such bacteria stored on the teeth and the gum form the plaque.

A few tips have been placed in the following lines in defense of Dental Hygiene.

1)      One should visit a dentist and seek his advices before you are in a problem. A child at his/her infancy should be taken to a dentist in order to get the teeth checked and in order to learn what actually one should do for the well-being of the teeth of the child.

Persons of every age group should also visit a dentist at least once in a year and get their teeth checked up.

2)      One should brush the teeth with an antiseptic brush of quality and specification and with a medicated paste which contains allowed quantity of fluoride.

3)      Brushing of the teeth is the most important task to keep the teeth healthy. It is not a job of thirty seconds or so. It takes about two minutes to brush the teeth in a proper way. The brush should be held at 45 degree angle to the gum-line and one will have to make small circles with the brush softly. Thus the plaque may be removed mainly from the surface area.

4)      Flossing is very significant. The toothbrush fails to reach the innermost area to be cleaned. Flossing finds the plaque and recovers the plaque from the tiny caves of the teeth. This saves the teeth from getting decayed.

It is advised that one must brush the teeth twice a day after every meal. Children learn from their parents that they will have stomach trouble if they do not brush daily as the residue of the rotten food stored inside the gaps of the teeth will go inside their body. True it is. But regular cleaning of the teeth is a must to save them from getting decayed in due course.

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