Video game review Facebook Space Wars

The popular Facebook Space wars game is addicting to play on the biggest social networking site. Do you want cheats, tips, or hints related to the game? I am addicted to the game and I will share what I know about the facebook space wars.

In these Facebook games, the trick is to obtain as many planets or properties as you can and this in turn will get a huge inflow of money, coming in hourly. In here, it is best to purchase cheapest gear, do those easy missions quickly, and level up quickly. Players can level up easily, and the first few missions require little skill the game does require better skills and more luck as you proceed.

Step 1 get rich with property

Purchase as much properties as you can when you have the money rather than trying to keeping your fleets in all the best equipment. Purchase properties in bulk when possible to save money in the end. Only purchase enough equipment to make the missions until you are brining in a few million an hour, then began amassing equipment.

Tip Do the missions on facebook space wars, buy properties, and then bank what is left of your cash.

Step two get more in your fleet

are you looking for more friends to add to your game. Join trains that will get you set on the right path and make the game much easier to conquer. Get a huge fleet so you can do the missions in the higher levels. Add your name below and others will add you; use this page as a facebook space wars train.

Tip Add your name below, and grow your fleet on facebook space wars.

Step three fights like a professional.

Purchase equipment in about the same defense status for your fleet. Why have one person fighting with the best equipment while the rest struggle with something low. This is why you get a big amount of money coming in at once; you can grab the best equipment you can before you begin fighting in facebook space wars.

Tip When you get tons of cash coming in on facebook space wars and then begin to equip your fleet.

Step four Raising levels

When you get enough points, you can move up to the next level. You have the option of putting a few extra points on: attack, defense, energy, health or to add your stamina so you can fight other fleet members easier.

Equipment will help on attack or defense so why bother putting it there. Your health really will not matter if you are just playing the missions on facebook space wars rather than fighting. I out all leveling up points on energy because once you get into the higher levels you need more energy and usually massive amounts to do the missions.

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