DirectX vs OpenGL

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So, what is better for Graphics?  OpenGL or DirectX.  There are varying opnions on this, and anyone using them should know the pros and cons of each thing before oyu delve into either, despite what others say.  This choice is one of those that have hard entrenched people on both sides, that don’t want to even listen to the other side cause they think their API is best.

OpenGL and DirectX both expose a traditional graphics rendering pipeline. Computer graphis have made huge advancments over the years, but the fundamentals have not changed since the early days of computer graphics. Vertices make up everything in the computer world because a triangle requires the least set of points of any shape, and that still hasn’t changed.

OpenGL is a purely graphical prsentation system, as well as some simple animation functions.  On the other hand, DirectX is far more reaching in its abilities including input, networking, sound, and many other items pertaining to game programming.  

OpenGL does have one benifit, and that just like Java, it is platform non-specific, which means you learn it, and you can program for anything.  DirectX is not so lucky.  It can only be used on Windows Operating Systems.  OpenGL also changes its base much less often, so it is easier to learn new editions of it, rather when DirectX you sometimes have to completley relearn what you thought you knew.

If you had time, it would be benificial to learn both, but if you don’t want to do that, you should now be a little closer to making your final choice.


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