Twelve Tips to Feel Good

Twelve Tips to Feel Good

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This is an age of speed and action. This is an age of stress and tension. The soft and fine region of the human mind has been receiving number of wounds from sunrise to sunset daily. But history is replete with the tales of never-ending strivings of mankind. Hence is the search for identifying the means to remove darkness that occupies the mind and providing suggestions so that one may feel good.

First of all you should try to read your own mind. You should find out what has made you sick. Causes may be many. But your task is to know the main or the most powerful one. Then just go through the following options all of which may not be necessary for regaining your normal disposition. All of the following options may not match to your nature and character too. You should be selective and you will benefit if your selection(s) is/are right.

Physical movement:

Mind and body are indivisibly related. You should, therefore, select one of the following.

1)      Go out of your room and walk a few minutes. The fresh air and the open world with sights and sounds will nurse you. Flowers of the lawn and children playing in the courtyard will take you to a different world. Movement of your limbs and of your total physique may act to assist you silently.

2)      Regular physical exercise at a fixed time has a lasting value. You need not go to a gym. A treadmill at home will suffice. Free hand exercises will also do enough good. Cycling and jogging and simply walking are other alternatives.

3)      Outdoor games are very helpful. You will choose a game befitting for your age. For an aged person tennis or badminton may be the right one.

4)      You may engage yourself in household works. Consider if the furniture of your rooms are reordered and the design of the wall-paintings may be changed. If you own a garden you may spare a little time nursing the plants.

5)      Yoga or meditation is another vehicle which will surely regulate the order of your mind. But you must learn Yoga under an expert teacher.

6)      A pet may pay better services. If you have a doggie it is well and good. It will feel for you and try to share your silent sufferings. If you own a cute cat or even a gerbil you will benefit in such a state of mind. Just be busy with your loving pet.

Participation in creative works:

Environment of the creative world assists to overcome tension of human beings. Human mind requires means for venting overflowing emotions emerged inside. But everybody is not a creative artist and everybody may not have equal aptitude or interest in different forms of art. In this sphere too you will have to find out options of your own.

1)      If you have aptitude in art it is better to go for a sketch for a while or to hold the brass carefully until something appears in color or in black-white – portrait of a babe, landscape at the foothill of a sky-touching mountain, busy bus in a metropolis or any such thing.

2)      Sing a song. Slowly or louder. Enter inside the notes and lyric of the song and create a piece for your own.

3)      Listen to your favorite artists or watch an album of Michael Jackson or John Lennon. Leonard Cohen may be a soothing one. Music can do a miracle in healing operation.

4)      Books have always been one of the best friends of human beings. Shakespeare or Tagore or Hemmingway or Whitman or any of the Indian Epics – try for a reading and be a part of a different environment and settings of the mind will get changed without serving you a notice.

5)      If you have a habit of penning down your emotions at least in a few lines in the form of prose or of verse, you may find a great relieve. The suppressed emotions need a natural venting always.

6)      Watching a good movie, one of the classics ever made in the celluloid, may render the best service to make you feel better. Ray and Bergmann and Spielberg have left treasures for all.

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