Reconnecting With Nature

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It’s easy to get so caught up in the hectic flow of daily life that the unhurried pace of nature seems to slip by unnoticed. When this revelation finally manifests it is usually accompanied by numerous excuses as to why there wasn’t time to stop and smell the roses. Redirect those negative thoughts into positive action and let nature recharge those tired batteries.

Experience Nature

Easy ways to start bringing more nature into a daily routine is as simple as taking the dog for a walk a couple of times each day. If there’s not a pet around to take for a walk, simply go for a walk or jog alone or with a friend. Take the scenic route.

Another way to get closer to nature is to turn a portion of the backyard or porch into a miniature refuge. A recirculating waterfall and half a dozen or so tropical plants can create a tranquil setting to relax in. Put out a bird feeder or plant some flowers and before long it will start attracting frogs, lizards, birds and butterflies.

Buy an easy-to-care for plant and introduce it into the workplace, or if plagued by a brown thumb, add a miniature Zen garden. Place photos of nature around the office or cubicle. If music is allowed, play nature tracks to help soothe the soul. Adding a bit of nature to a work space can go a long way in helping to reduce harmful stress.

Schedule Relaxation

While it may seem contrary to schedule relaxation, most people are already conditioned to living their lives on a schedule. Why not schedule an hour at a park or spend an afternoon hiking a nature trail? Scheduling an activity will provide a goal to look forward to and make it less likely to be overlooked or forgotten.

Get immersed in nature by planning a vacation that focuses on it. Take a few days and hike a section of the Appalachian, Pacific Coast, or Florida trails. Spend a weekend exploring Mammoth Cave in Kentucky or Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico. Go kayaking, snorkeling, or rent a mountain cabin for a week. Can’t get away for an extended period? Visit nearby parks or nature trails and take the time to really see it.

Get involved with nature by volunteering with a wildlife rehabilitation program or neighborhood beautification program. The simple act of bringing a garden to an inner city neighborhood can create a positive experience for others. Rediscover nature and start experiencing it today.


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