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paypal_logo.jpgPayPal is the most popular payment broker in the world, for either of these online transactions, shoppings, payments or other online transactions. Once we know that wire transfer was the most popular standard payments, but now millions of the internet user prefer to chose paypal to do these transactions. PayPal is now trusted and convinient to online money transfers, especially after PayPal is now also been trusted by ebay, almost 95% of eBay transactions is using PayPal. Many people are hesitant to provide credit card information over the Internet. PayPal provides a secure server (SSL) so your transaction is safe.

PayPal has became the most largest payment tools in the world with over 153 million account, and can be used in 190 countries and 17 different currencies. With PayPal, online transactions are mostly secure, and we can do all the money transactions such as payments, receiving, sending money etc, we can also withdraw our money from this site and transfer it to our local bank.

When you proceed with making your online purchase, you will be transferred to the PayPal site where your transaction will be processed. That’s mean you will need a PayPal account. If you do not have one, relax. It takes only a few seconds, it’s free and best of all it’s the safest and most secure service in the world. To have an account in PayPal you would have to have:

  1. An e-mail account, to be use as your username.
  2. A credit card, to verify
  3. Your Local bank account, for you to withdraw and transfer.

If you have completed the conditions as above, then you can login to your PayPal account and do the transactions that you need to do, but if you aren’t able to complete all of it, then the status of your PayPal will be “limited”. For instance if you aren’t able to put your Credit Card number to complete the registration, your PayPal account would show the word “unverified” which means you have limited transaction with Paypal and you can not withdraw your money before you passed the verification. After you have verified, you are able to make purchases from any PayPal merchant you may wish to do business with in the future, no need to register each time.

There is no fee upon the registeration, neither for the transfer from Bank account to the PayPal account. This site will take $1.95 to verify but it will returned after the PayPal account has been verified. User will also have to pay a small fee for :

  • Personal PayPal Account – fee should be payed if receiving payments from Credit Cards
  • Premier or Business PayPal account – this site will charge user for every payment receiving.

Additional Features of PayPal

1. Buyer Protection Guarantee
Purchases made through the PayPal service are protected against fraud when you purchase goods from a Verified Seller and do not receive the promised goods. You are entitled to a refund if you do not receive the goods from a Verified Seller. Buyers are protected up to a total of $5000 per year for fraudulent transactions.

2. Free Automatic Account Insurance
SafeWeb Insurance automatically protects your PayPal account against unauthorized withdrawals for up to $100,000. This is your assurance that your money is safe and secure. And best of all, the insurance is free with your PayPal account.

3. $5 Bonus for Signing Up
After completing the registration requirements PayPal will add $5 to your account just for signing up.


In this part, we will receive an email to renew our PayPal data account because it was considered as expired, it also will say that if we don’t renew our account in 24 hours then our account will be blocked. Picture shown below :

It is very similar from the PayPal e-mails, but if you look closely, you will find some differences such :

1. The receipent PayPal email should be : service@intl.paypal.com or paypal@email.paypal.com NOT paypal@alertes.com

2. The email directs you to click a link, whilst the original PayPal already warned to never click any link or attachments in a suspicious mail, also Paypal always remind to type correct website address when logging in.

This is a Fradulent mail, which is trying to deceive us. Do not deceive by this, because if you type your PayPal account along with the password, most likely they would have our PayPal account. Becareful of the emails that you have been receiving and look closely.

unded in 1998 and was acquired by eBay in 2002.


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