Improving Your Job Interviewing Technique

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A good interview is critical if you are looking for a new job opportunity.  Interviewing like anything else takes a degree of skill, preparation, knowledge, and personality.  No matter how qualified a person may be, a bad interview can significantly decrease one’s chances of gaining employment.  There are ways in which you can improve your interviewing skills, which will serve as an asset in the future.

 First, always be conscious of any gestures or eye contact that the interviewer may make.  Eye contact is critical for a successful job interview.  In addition, you must be ready to answer any all questions that you are asked.  If you don’t know the answer to a specific question, it is best to say, “I don’t know”.  Don’t attempt to answer a question that you have no knowledge about; it will make it worse for you. 

 You must close the sale or interview.  If you walk away with a sense of uncertainty then you probably will not be called back for a follow up interview.  You must literally ask for the job!  Make sure you dress appropriately and address the interviewer in the proper fashion.   Try to be as formal as possible in a friendly manner.  Even if you are a bit nervous try not to show it.

 In most cases, the first five minutes of an interview can either make or break the entire meeting.  You must try to gain a commitment from the potential employer at least as far as scheduling another interview.


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