Green moving: Zero-Waste Moving with Rent A Green Box


Moving is inevitable in America. With over 20% of the population moving every year, the typical pack and move process creates massive amounts of unnecessary waste. New and used cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and Styro-Foam end up expanding our landfills due to the high energy and labor costs needed to recycle these materials or even export them to China for recycling. It’s extemely wasteful and energy dependent to pack and move with these archiac packing materials.

Our trash is piling up with very few practical green alternatives.
With twice as many people living on the planet, for twice as long, using massive amount of natural resources, we must “Rethink” the way we manage and use our limited supply of natural resources. Our solution is really simple. We’re “Detoxing our Landfills” by removing massive amounts of hard to recycle plastic bottles (everything that you’ll find under your kitchen sink and laundry room) and we’re converting this trash into our famous green boxes called RECOPACKS.

The word Recopack stands for Recycled Ecological Packing Solution. Made in 3 sizes, with comfortable handles, tapeless interlocking lids, stackable and easy to pack and move without crushing your property. Rented on a weekly basis to residents, small business and corporations on the move. Each Recopack lasts for over 400 uses and when they wear out, we just grind them up to make another Recopack. It’s just that simple- it’s moving made simple. We deliver them on our fleet of bio-fuel/waste veggie oil eco-trucks direct to your door. You pack, stack and move. When you’re done we come and pick them up, clean each one, sanitize it and get it ready to rent for another zero waste, green move. It’s guilt free and waste free moving and it costs 50 percent less to move with a Recopack compared to a using new cardboard boxes.

Guilt Free Moving. With our very cool green box, we don’t have to cut down our trees to make these cheap cardboard boxes that will end up in a landfill. Instead, we can use our massive amount of plastic trash as a new untapped resource to make a better, greener box. We’ve brought to market, the first comprehensive zero-waste packing and moving solution in America. With over 10 unique cradle to cradle products made from 100% post consumer trash and end of life recycled materials, we’re in business to change the way America packs and moves…. for a greener, cleaner and less wasteful world!


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