Foreclosure Cheat Sheet – Be Prepared!!

 Many people are facing difficult times and it seems that you lost everything. However, this is a time to start seeking another adventure i your life. Yes, you will need to grieve and heal from your wounds. ..but it’s over and time to mover forward. Failure is not getting back up after you have fallen.

If possible, DO  NOT leave anything behind. Especially if you have children..take special furnishing, paintings for your new residence.  Your children will appreciate and reflect on the good times.

Microwaveable meals are great! Store bottlewater,soda,snacks in your car. If the hotel covers one meal for the day.. think of how much money and time you will save. I recommend LaQuinta .. a pet friendly and inexpensive hotel.

If possible, ask a relative to allow you to stay on weekend or to use thier laundry facilities. Anything that you can do to allow you to save  money.

Locate a local grocery store that has pre-made meals and sandiwiches for lunch. Purcahse Luncheables, individually wrapped cheese, juice boxes, pre-washed salad mix.

Read scriptures ..Jer 29:11 ..Phil 4:13..pray that God will restore your lost. Keep your faith and ask God for favor in your life. God will see you through it. You must thank GOD for all that he does ..then tell someone how God has helped you to overcome your trials.  Most importantly, now is the time to pray with your spouse,and make a vow to stay together. Do not blame each other…Be strong in the lord.

Rember a home is where the heart is….a house is a structure.

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