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Willing to go to any lengths. Anyone who has sought help in a 12-step program has been asked that question. Are you willing to go to any lengths for success? No reservations, no caveats only complete readiness to do everything directed. What an order. Those seeking help from a 12-step program are being driven by pain and suffering, their world in shambles and though they have tried to stop, have found they are powerless to do so. Out of this desperation, a beginning is made. They have found a way out that works; being surrounded by people who not just talk about being addiction free, offering vague promises without any real history of success, but have a demonstrated history of success, in many cases decades long. There is no substitute for demonstrated success.

We are bombarded daily with claims of success in all manner of things, from the newest, latest, greatest exercise gadget, supplement/pill or diet to an author promising their new book/CD/seminar will change your life forever and solve all your problems. Considering how many of these diets, exercise gadgets, supplement/pill and life fixing authors we have witnessed in our lifetime it is a wonder that anyone is overweight or out of shape, bald, erectile challenged, still pee in the middle of the night, don’t own a foreclosed home for pennies, are not an e-bay millionaire or solved their addiction problems by simply ordering a book/CD or attend a seminar.

Admit it, you have seen those ads and wistfully thought how nice it would be to have six pack abs for only 20 minutes a day 3 times a week. Who wouldn’t? You know though it isn’t that simple, so you resist calling the 1-800 number with your credit card handy in the next 10 minutes when you would have received; at no extra charge, except S&H of course, the combination pocket fisherman survival radio microwave oven feng shui guide.

At some point in our lives the old saw “if it sounds too good to be true, it is” overrides wistful thinking. The price tag for buying one of those “to good to be true” items usually is no more than the loss of a few bucks and something for the garage sale pile next year. Spiritually however the price is infinitely higher. No book, institution, movement, 12-step program, individual, religion or organization can raise our consciousness one jot or tittle if we do not do the work. Reading about diets and exercise will not result in the loss of a single pound of fat or the addition of an ounce of muscle if no action is taken. Spiritually a head full of knowledge means little; can actually be deadly if we are convinced self-knowledge is the answer, if we do not put what we know into action. Seek those who have what you want spiritually, demonstrating it in their lives, living in the light, happy, joyous and free. Keep in the forefront of your mind you cannot build your spiritual house on another’s foundation. Keep an open mind and remain willing to go to any length, any extreme for a spiritual experience, remaining ever vigilant over the issues of your heart for “Faith without works is dead.”


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