Should you go to nursing school

Nursing school is a great career but what are the risk to it. Nursing school is great but you will find it difficult with many challenges. Is nursing school worth it? In this kind of economy, nursing school can provide people with some hope that they will get a stable job. There is a nursing shortage and I don’t think that we will have too much nurses at any time soon. The reason is that people quit the industry or those students rather major in something else. Who would want all that responsibility? Nursing school is more difficult than most other major in college in every single way. You have to wait around for years until you get admitted if you’re not a top notch student. I wouldn’t want to wait around for years.

When you enter the program, it’s costly and time consuming. You have to have a lot of money ready. If you can’t afford a semester, you have to be dropped from the program and you have to wait a year or more to apply back to the program and they might not accept you. You have to find some other college to apply to and it might take another year for them to accept you. It might take several years for you to get settle into a program. It’s very similar to medical school, dental school or law school. You have to wait around for the school. It takes about two years to get all of your prerequisites done and then another year to apply to the program. Many of us can’t afford this kind of waiting around.

I did it myself and knew that it was too time consuming. I waited around for awhile. I rather study something else if I have to choose again. I’m not discouraging nursing students but its very time consuming. It’s intensely stressful to wait for the whole process. Out of all of the trouble you have to go through, you must also be free from a criminal record or else the state won’t grant you a license. You must also be free from TB or other communicable diseases during your schooling and your work. If you have active TB, you might not be able to attend nursing school or work until it’s not active anymore. If you’re someone with kids and husbands and many responsibilities, you will find it difficult to fulfill all of the requirements. I knew a lot of people that give up half way. They dislike the education and the whole process of nursing. They went on to study something else.

It’s not easy in nursing school. The curriculum is very rigorous with extensive readings and practice. It’s not like any other college major. It’s harder and not everyone can pass the exams. You have to also pass the physical or clinical which is difficult too. If you can’t make it to class and miss many clinical, you might not pass the class. When you don’t pass a class in nursing school, you will be ejected out of the program and you’re not allowed back in unless you reapply and get accepted again. It doesn’t mean that they will accept you again. They will only accept you if there are space available. You might be waiting for a very long time.

What if you don’t pass your clinical and pass your lecture? You will be ejected from the program too. It’s difficult. The only time that a student will succeed is that they have all the free time that they can to study for the program. You need a lot of time to digest all of that information. Is nursing school worth it? It is worth it if you have the time and patience for the program. It’s worth it if you can handle the pressure from the job and if you don’t quit the job after the first year. There are nurses who will quit after a couple years and will do anything but nursing. They rather study something else.

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