Ways to avoid a bad date

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Not all of our dates will be perfect, there will be times when you will be on a bad date. There are some women that never come home after their date. I wouldn’t want that to be my experience. I used to have many dates before. I went on one date where the guy was married and was living with his wife. I called his home and that was how I found out that he was married. He robbed me of a good date. I was dating a married man.

Nowadays men are not like the way they used to be in the 30’s. Women has to worry about their bodies because some men are only interested in one thing. This is why you need to check your date before you go out on a date with them. I had an incident once where a guy chased me on the freeway for an hour. I almost went into paralysis out of fear and driving in every single way so that I can lose him. He has some mental problem but I couldn’t tell at first. I met him when I was waiting for a ride to go home from school. He offered me a ride but I said no and he asked for my phone number. We talked off and on and we went to nightclubs together sometimes. One night he decided to chase me after I drove off and told him to go home. He thought that I was in trouble so he chased after me to ask about my problems. I din’t know where in his mind he will think that I have problems. he told me later that he though I had some problems. He chased after me and cut me on the road. He went ahead of me and cut right in front of me and stopped his car so I turn around and drove the other way again. I was lucky because it was the night time and the road was free of drivers.

I went off on a freeway and he constinued to chase after me. He chase me for about half an hour on the freeway. I drove really fast and I called 911 for help. They couldn’t come out because they didn’t know where I was but instructed me what to do so I can avoid him. I finally took off on an exist and drive around the small neighborhood in confusing road to hide from him. He was lost finally and I slept in my car to avoid driving back home. I later texted his mom and she punished  him for it. He called me and calls me an “it” because I told his mom what happened. I forgave him because he had a little problem even though he was really cute. It was mild and you can’t really detect it but I guess it went off once in awhile.

If you ever have a bad date like this, you can try to take off so they don’t ruin the rest of the day for you. It’s best to go in public places so you can hide or get help. It’s important to have people around so you can ask for help or they can offer help if they see that you have a problem. Some men can be really scary or just a plain stalker. I have been stalk before and I know that it’s not uncommon. If you sense a bad date, you should start making excuses like my little brother needs me to pick him up from a game or my stomach hurts. Excuses really work; you can lie just to get away from a bad date. You can also call a friend out to rescue you from the bad date. Once your friends join you he has to back off or go home because it looks like you are not interested or your friends can speak up for you. This is why it’s important to have a cell phone with you on a date. If it’s not that bad, you can make a simple excuse like I need to go home and rest because I have work tomorrow or I have a test. Any excuse is better than sitting there and taking the bad date. If it’s a bad date then don’t go with him afterward to his house or anywhere else. Things can get worse. You just need to find ways to end the date as soon as you can to avoid further problems.


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