Best Ice cream in Athens Pennsylvania

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Best soft serve ice cream in Athens Pennsylvania is easy to spot and you are never far from a place either. We are blessed to have soft serve ice cream outside the front door no matter where you live in the valley. If you feel like a drive, there are plenty of places for that.

Mr. Softee is mobile soft serve at your door. Herby has been driving the truck for as long as I can remember and makes nightly trips in every season but winter. He has chocolate and vanilla soft serve, but I always get a twist, which is a combination of chocolate and vanilla.

He also has other frozen treats including the popular character treats and floats. You know when he is in the neighborhood as the van is announced with the ‘do your ears hang low’ song. For more flavors and other treats, you can visit the ice cream stand in Athens, which is owned by Herby’s parents.

D & R 402 N Main St, Athens – (570) 888-1011

D & R is located in Athens Borough Park is a great place to walk, drive, or bike for a tasty treat. You can also get a frozen treat while you listen to the Thursday night free music in the park. Special requests are not out of the question here and because of a strawberry allergy ordering a banana split without them is not a problem for me.

You can also purchase hot sandwiches, chips and soft drinks here each are at affordable prices. This is a family owned and operated business with their son operating the mobile business, and Momma Ruth and daughter Diana at this location. The family also has a gas station located on Elmira Street and that is where you can get first class service by Dick.

Rosh’s Ice Cream, which is located on north Elmira Street across from Aldi’s, is a great place to get soft serve along with all the other frozen treats you could ask for. There is a great selection of treats here with plenty of tables to eat your treats at.

This is also a family owned business and right behind the ice cream stand, you will find a place where they sell the Christmas trees along with the nursery for all your planting needs.

Cary’s Ice cream 101 State Route 17C, Waverly, NY – (607) 565-2013

Cary’s located in Waverly is a small but popular place to get your favorite frozen treats. Biggest servings in the valley and you can enjoy a game of miniature golf after your soft serve ice cream or other frozen treats.

These soft serve ice cream places near Athens Pennsylvania are open from mid morning until dusk each evening in spring, summer, and fall. Visit one of these places for a tasty treats soon.


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