Why You’re Fat and How to Get Slim in One Month – Part 6 of 6

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(If you have not read Parts 1 – 5, please do so before continuing, as I’ll not be giving an abstract of that material here)

Part 6 – The Radical Approach:  Going Raw

I’m here to tell you, that it is almost impossible to be fat on a raw diet. Eating raw might seem crazy, and without a doubt at least one topic I cover in this article (raw meats) will have at least 95% of you thinking I am certifiable. But if you want to lose weight incredibly fast, feel better than you’ve ever felt in your entire life, and are willing to try what most people would consider a “radical” approach, then a raw diet is something you might want to consider.

Before I get into it, let me just point out that I’m only giving you the seed of an idea here. Doing a raw diet takes some research, but there are plenty of quality products and forums dedicated to this lifestyle online. Just type “raw food diet” into any major search engine and you will get a ton of results.

I personally do not do a full-time raw diet, but I do try to eat raw as often as possible and at least one month out of the year, I go totally raw. Fat will absolutely melt off your body if you go raw, and any excess waste you’re storing in your intestines will also, um, work its way out.

Benefits of a Raw Diet

When you eat fruits, vegetables and meats (yes, meats) in their raw, uncooked, unaltered state, you are getting the absolute maximum benefit in terms of nutrients and more importantly, enzymes. Enzymes help you digest food and assimilate it into your body, and cooking food quite literally kills the enzymes.

Another benefit is that if you enjoy the taste of raw foods, preparation time can be almost zero. Buy it, wash it, eat it. Of course, after awhile this can get boring so if you plan to do this for more than a couple of weeks, invest in a raw foods recipe book, or search for free recipes online.

The energy and vitality you can achieve from a raw food diet is nothing short of amazing. Almost the only thing you must be careful of, as advised in the previous two articles, is that you must be sure to incorporate enough raw fats into your diet. This can be done easily…simply use the “smoothie” recipe I suggested in Article 4 and you’re all set. Use any combination of raw, cold-pressed oils to get the fats you need. When I go raw, the only deviation I make is that I’ll usually use a quality, organic oil-based salad dressing to spice things up, (like “Newman’s Own” or some such) and this might contain small amounts of cooked spices or parmesan cheese.

The greatest benefit is that almost any ailment you have will improve, and if you continue to eat 100% raw, it will usually go away completely. I mean any ailment, and this includes the biggies like arthritis, diabetes, even cancer. Skin diseases will disappear, the amount of sleep you need will decrease, your concentration, focus and energy levels will increase…everything, and I mean everything having to do with your body and brain will improve. And of course, your big fat porker gut and flabby thighs will be gone in no time.

Please, I am not suggesting that if you have a serious illness you should stop seeing your doctor because a raw diet will cure you of any and every ailment. I do not give medical advice and do not care to be sued by some screwball who decides to stop taking his meds cold turkey and winds up half vegetable. If you’re on any medication, the proper diet can go a long, long way to getting you off it, and a raw diet can help get you off almost any medication you care to mention, but I can guaran-damn-tee that your doctor won’t believe it, and at any rate you need to ween yourself carefully off prescription drugs. If you decide to do it, only do it under the care and monitoring of your physician, in conjunction with a proper raw diet, using a weening plan prescribed by your doctor. I can practically guarantee that your physician will be literally shocked by your progress and will make endless spluttering lame-assed attempts to attribute your miraculous recovery to something other than your diet.

Now, about the prospect of eating raw meat…if it makes you want to puke just thinking about it, don’t do it. If it scares you, don’t do it. But realize that it isn’t nearly as odd as it sounds. Have you ever eaten sushi? That’s raw fish. There are many oriental cultures that eat a variety of raw meats. Have you ever seen that old 80’s movie “Wall Street”? In it, Michael Douglas is in a restaurant with Charley Sheen and he recommends the steak tartar. He also mentions that it’s “off the menu”. Why is it off the menu? Because steak tartar is raw beef. But it is also a wonderful delicacy.

Let me tell you a story about a guy I work with (yes, I have a regular job…I only write these articles because people need and want to know this stuff, and I’m passionate about it). This guy is very intelligent. He is also very resistant to anything that feels anti-establishment, or green, or more accurately, anything that reeks of fear-mongering (he’d hate Article 2, where I essentially implicate the food and drug industries of conspiring to keep us all fat and sick). Anyway, there is another guy in the office who eats raw practically 100%, all the time. I do it at regular intervals. A female co-worker of ours also began the Easy program (article 4) starting with a cleanse. This female co-worker came to work one day not more than a week after starting to create her new body by changing her eating habits, and her skin looked so fantastic we all just stared.

So this guy confesses to us that he’s very intrigued by the almost miraculous improvements he has not only heard us talk about, but has actually witnessed in us. But he says he couldn’t do it because he doesn’t like many vegetables, and in the case of a raw diet, couldn’t give up meat. That’s when I told him he didn’t have to give up meat. I told him that whenever I do a raw diet, I eat anywhere from a couple ounces to a pound of raw, grass-fed beef each day. Yes, I know, I know, this is where you think I’m insane. But that’s what I do. The taste of raw sirloin, by the way, is absolutely fantastic.

Anyway, this guy is not a “halfway” kind of guy. He decides he will go raw, 100%, for 2 weeks. And he did. He ate beef, raw nuts, fruit, and raw cheeses. I usually don’t recommend dairy, but he ate the cheese because the strange thing about eating a raw diet is, while you’re never hungry, you never feel full. That is probably the hardest part of getting used to a raw diet, but once you get used to it, it’s fantastic. You never feel weighed down or bloated or sluggish. However, I told you this guy is intelligent, and he was having some difficulty with the lack of fullness he felt in his stomach, and the raw cheese helped. Like I’ve mentioned, whatever works for you.

The results?

This one-time complete skeptic lost roughly 15 pounds of dead weight in 2 weeks. He described increased energy and mental clarity, and liked it so much that he now eats completely raw over 70% of the time. Monday through Friday, he eats raw. On the weekends he does whatever he feels like. That might mean raw, that might mean barbecued ribs or even a pizza. But the weight has stayed off, and every Monday he has a story about a “regular” meal he had over the weekend and how horrible it made him feel, and how he cannot believe he used to eat that way all the time. So why doesn’t he go 100% raw all the time? Who knows, and anyway, it’s beside the point. The point is that if you truly want Super Human Health, research and try a raw diet.

Thank you for reading this 6-part series. I truly hope you found in it something, anything, to help you succeed in creating a new you (remember, you are NOT problem solving, you are creating).

One last note: Throughout this series I’ve often used extremely “incorrect” terms to describe being overweight. I didn’t do it because I want to be an a-hole, but I did do it for a reason. I did it because those words elicit an emotional response. They engage you and also, they give you a picture of reality, whatever your reality is. Remember how I’ve said it is imperative to start from the standpoint of recognizing reality? When I described you as a fat tub of lard you had an emotional response. You may have gotten angry, you may have been offended, you may have laughed, or felt sad or defensive. Emotions are as real as it gets. Use them to your advantage in creating the life you want.


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