Why You’re Fat and How to Get Slim in One Month – Part 5 of 6

(If you have not read Parts 1 – 4, please do so before continuing, as I’ll not be giving an abstract of that material here)

This will be by far the shortest article in this series, and if you have not first read article 4, you MUST do so first.

Why? Because the Intermediate program is exactly the same as the Easy program, except that the food should be mostly or all organic.

The chief stumbling blocks here are price and appearance. Organic fruits and vegetables are undoubtedly much costlier than non-organic products. They cost more to grow and have a much shorter shelf-life. They are usually smaller than their “(un)normal” counterparts and have more dents and bruises.

Why is this?

It’s because they’ve been grown in the ground, rather than hydroponically, and without chemical herbicides and fertilizers (thus they are smaller). The seeds have not been engineered to create longer preservative qualities and resistance to bruising.

They don’t look as good, but in most cases there’s no question they taste better. The flavor is usually much stronger than you’ll find in non-organic food.

If you are single, or in a relationship with someone else, the higher costs can be overcome fairly easily, as long as you aren’t desperately scraping to make ends meet. If, however, you have one or more teenagers to feed you might find your grocery bill staggering if you attempt to go entirely organic. While I hasten to mention that going organic is one of the best things you can possibly do for your children, I also know that teenagers can consume astonishing amounts of food, and then ask for more. If this is the case with your family, you simply need to be creative. My wife and I have found that by participating in local farmer’s co-ops we can get extremely fresh, organic meats, fruits and vegetables very cheaply. Do some research on the internet for co-ops in your area. Make it work.

However, I’ve gotten somewhat off-track.

This article series is about YOU losing your lard handles. So, be selfish. If you can only afford to do this for one, do it for you. Once you’re looking at that slim, hot bod you’ve created in the mirror, you’ll be glad you did.

The main benefit to eating organic food is that pound for pound, it contains more nutrients and taste than non-organic food. More importantly, there is usually very little toxic material used during the life-process of the product. When you buy regular food, you are consuming all the chemicals that went into its creation, whether its antibiotics fed to animals, or chemical herbicides and fertilizers used to grow fruits and vegetables. Granted, we’re talking about trace amounts. But a lifetime of trace amounts of poison can eventually kill you.

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