Why You’re Fat and How to Get Slim in One Month – Part 4 of 6

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(If you have not read Parts 1 – 3, please do so before continuing, as I’ll not be giving an abstract of that material here)

Part 4: The Easy Way to Quickly Shed Layers of Ugly Fat.

In the last article I gave you our eating strategy in 6 words. I’ll repeat it here: Eat only fresh, whole, unprocessed foods.

This means no processed foods are allowed. Nothing from a jar or can, box or bag. Ok, so some fresh fruits and vegetables come in bags and containers, but you know what I mean.

Understand something here. If you eat only fresh, whole, unprocessed fruits, vegetables and meats, you will lose weight. You can eat as much as you want and never be hungry, but you will still lose weight. The extra weight you are carrying now in the form of fat, and as disgusting as this is, compacted intestinal waste, will dissolve or be excreted.

In a second I’ll tell you how to shop for the foods I’m talking about, but first a word of warning. There are many people who have tried this method and quit in the early going. Why? This is so easy you won’t believe it, there isn’t even any exercise necessary. So why do people quit?

  1. The wrong mindset. Go back to the previous article. Remember, you are creating something here. You are building, shaping, sculpting a new brain and body (believe me, your brain is going to perform better than it has in years). You are NOT solving a problem. You are creating. If you’re building a house and you drop your hammer, what do you do? You go pick it up and get back to work. Likewise with this, if you have a momentary lapse of reason and shove a box of ding-dongs in your mouth, what do you do? You forget about and get back to making your creation. What is so cool about this is that after as little as a few days, you’ll not only not crave ding dongs, if you eat one you’ll almost literally want to barf. Ok, so maybe that doesn’t sound so cool, but it is.
  1. At first, this will be more expensive. The amount of crappy food you can buy for $20 is ridiculous. When you buy fresh, whole foods, you’re going to look at your grocery bag and start to cry. It’s going to SEEM very expensive, for not much food. However, all you need to do is get through the first week or two. Remember how I said, in the very first article, that it’s not your fault that you’re an obese tub of goo because you are starving? Well, initially you may find that when you start eating this way, you are ravenous. You eat and eat and eat. You might even gain weight. DON’T WORRY and don’t stop eating. Your body is starved for nutrients. In a very short time, though, your body will learn that it is now getting everything it needs, and you will start to automatically eat proportions that are properly sized for your body and activity level. At this point, eating healthily will cost roughly the same as it did to eat like pig because while the food is more expensive, you will not be eating nearly as much. I KNOW you don’t believe this right now. Just trust me. The amount of calories you actually need to function optimally is incredibly low.
  1. Finally, many people quit because of sugar cravings. They simply cannot cut out the soda and the candy bars, cakes, cookies, pixie sticks, whatever. There’s a reason people crave this stuff, especially when they are dieting. It is because they are not getting enough FAT. Low-fat products and diets are the absolute worst things you can partake of if you actually want to lose weight. A diet low in fat will lead to decreased brain function and even depression. Your body and brain convert (at least partially) fat into glucose to keep your brain going. When you don’t get enough fat, you will crave sugar, because your body wants a glucose infusion NOW. It doesn’t want to convert fat, it doesn’t have time. You feel horrible and your body asks for something it can convert into glucose immediately, i.e. sugar. However, if you eat a diet rich in the proper kinds of fat, you will not crave sugar. You’re going to be amazed. You’re going to stop at the local convenience store out of habit to buy your daily 60 ounces of high fructose corn syrup heart attack/diabetes/death in a cup, and suddenly you’ll realize…you just don’t want it.

So, how do you shop for fresh, whole foods? Easy. When you go to the grocery store, stay out of the aisles. Shop the perimeter. Avoid anything in a box or can. Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and meats only. Nothing frozen, nothing canned. Dairy should mostly be avoided, with the only exceptions being organic, pro-biotic yoghurt and quality butter. Also, buy plenty of olive, avocado and/or peanut oils to get the fats you need. Avoid canola and corn oil. Or, do what I do, and just use lots and lots of good old fashioned butter (yes, this is dairy, but it’s the easiest way to get that fats you need when  you aren’t used to eating naturally).

Cooking tips: I find that women in particular often skimp when faced with the prospect of a high fat diet. It has been so relentlessly pounded into their brains that they need to avoid fat, that they simply can’t bring themselves to eat enough, and then they therefore experience sugar cravings, etc. Here’s a tip: Get a juicer. In the morning, or for an afternoon snack, juice a bunch of fruit and/or vegetables in any combination you like. Then put it all in a blender with one raw egg and ¼ cup of avocado oil and blend. You will not taste the egg or the oil, but they will give the drink that “smoothie” quality and you’ll have had at least the minimum of fat you need for the whole day (note: it’s essentially impossible to go overboard on uncooked fats like cold pressed oils…have as much as you want).

As far as other cooking tips are concerned, there is only one:  Don’t overcook. Vegetables in particular should be steamed, not boiled and limp. Cooking kills enzymes, and enzymes enable digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Everyone knows the value of green leafy vegetables, what everyone does not know is that if you boil them limp they are basically worthless sludge. Don’t do it.

A final caveat: Remember that bread, noodles, pasta, etc. are processed foods and not on the list of acceptable items. If you eat these things you WILL remain fat as a hog being taken to market.

Listen, I’m from the Midwest. If you know anything about people here, you’ll know that casseroles, or “hotdishes” are practically a staple. These nearly all consist of some kind of meat mixed with noodles and cream of mushroom or celery soup. These are comfort foods that have psychological value. The same can be said for pasta in many cultures. Don’t worry about cutting these out of your diet, just try varying them. Whatever you do, do not use regular wheat noodles. Try using rice noodles, or even just rice. Eat these dishes once a week instead of once a day. Eventually, you will automatically reduce consumption of them because even though they taste good, they’ll make you feel like crap, and you won’t like the way that feels anymore. It will be a foreign feeling, instead of one you live with every minute of every day.

What I’m saying is, you’ve got to live in the real world. There will be times when you’re away from home and the right foods simply won’t be available. There will be times when you’re at home but you’ve got family coming over that expects a “traditional” pasta meal, or whatever. Don’t feel guilty about these events. Just remember the new body and mind you are creating and these events will not take over and revert your new eating habits.

Up next, Article 5, the Intermediate plan (and by far the shortest article in the series).


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