Why You’re Fat and How to Get Slim in One Month – Part 3 of 6

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(If you have not read Parts 1 and 2, please do so before continuing, as I’ll not be giving an abstract of that material here)

The Mindset

Ok, so you’re ready to make a change, right? You’re sick of not being able to find clothes that fit properly. You want to make love with the lights on. You want your jiggly arms, bowling ball gut, and puckered, misshapen, cellulite butt to be a thing of the past, right?

Well, forget about willpower. It doesn’t work. You’ve tried that before, right? Cutting things out? Trying to stay away from sweets and torturing yourself? That will not work. Ever. It only makes those things that you’re avoiding more dear to you. You think about them all the time. That is a battle you will ultimately lose.

Listen, you’re probably viewing your fatness as a “problem” to be “solved”. Forget that line of reasoning, now and forever, for anything you ever attempt to do in life from now on. Problem solving also does not work. The closer you get to solving the problem, the less motivation there is to continue, so the problem comes back and you start again. If you are a yo-yo dieter, you have had a “problem-solving” mindset. This is why you go back and forth, up and down, like riding a roller coaster. When I hear or read about the stiffs in Corporate America or the government talking about problem solving it drives me nuts. These bozos haven’t got the first clue about how to properly accomplish something.

Do yourself a favor. Get yourself a copy of the book “The Path of Least Resistance” by Robert Fritz. This guy knows how to get things done.

Enter your fat loss program with the idea that you will be CREATING something new. A new you. You will NOT be problem solving (i.e. attempting to make a problem go away). You will be creating a new body, a new confidence, a new you (i.e., bringing something into existence that wasn’t there before). If the distinction seems paltry, just reflect on it for awhile. The two approaches are complete opposites of one another, and by the way, one works (creating – bringing something new into existence) and one doesn’t (problem solving – making something that exists disappear).

When you desire to create something new, you will truly begin to love the process. You don’t have to believe me now, you’ll know what I mean if you can keep this mindset. Also, if you have a rough day or even a few days that set you back, you won’t quit.

The Strategy

I’ll be going deeper into this as it relates to the 3 different approaches that will be pointed out in the next 3 articles (Parts 4-6), but the basic strategy is one you may have heard before. If you have heard it before, if you have tried it before and failed, don’t worry. Use your new mindset and read parts 4-6 of this article to determine your comfort zone. This strategy works better than anything you could possibly try or imagine. You will end up creating a new lifestyle that does NOT END, like a “diet” would. You will never be hungry. You will have a picture in mind of yourself as a new creation. This absolutely works, usually very quickly, 100% of the time.

Here is the strategy in six words:  Eat only fresh, whole, unprocessed foods.

That’s it.

A novel approach I know. I also know you may have heard or tried this before, but if you are still a humongous lardo, you did not do it right. Articles 4-6 will give you details and approaches to succeed with this plan as follows:

Part 4 – Easy

Part 5 – Intermediate

Part 6 – Radical

The rate at which you shed unwanted flab will directly correlate with the approach you take, however, and this cannot be stressed enough, your comfort is more important than speed.

More often than not, a person trying this method will “dip a toe in” and go the easy route for a few days. Once they start feeling better, there is usually a quick migration to the Intermediate level. Quite honestly, it’s a small percentage of folks who take the Radical approach but usually everyone ends up incorporating it to some degree. You’ll understand what I mean when you read the various approaches.

Now, a quick tip if you want to start out in overdrive. This step is purely, 100% optional. You well get the same results whether or not you use this tip. It is only offered for those of you who are concerned with speed and want to see very rapid results.

The tip is this: Do an herbal colon cleanse.

The amount of weight you can drop with a thorough colon cleansing is remarkable, and this weight is nothing but compacted waste that is making you ill anyway. It is the ideal way to start healthy eating habits, because you’ll be removing all the sludge in your intestines, and it will not build up again once you start eating fresh, whole foods.

A word of caution, however. Absolutely, positively do NOT do one of these “quickie” 3-day cleanses. These are not proper, thorough, gentle cleanses. These are laxatives. They are harsh and can be harmful and will not remove the plaque that has been building for years in your digestive organs. I recommend using a quality herbal product that take an absolute minimum of 10 days. Two to three weeks is even better.

Keep in mind that during a cleanse you may get ill for a day or two. This is not abnormal, nor is it dangerous. Your body will be going through a massive detoxification and this can cause some physical stress. You will however, gain great vitality, energy and as corny as it may sound, an inner calm or peace often accompanies the process. You’ll also see some quite obvious improvements. Your skin will be clearer than it has been in ages. In fact if you have any kind of chronic blemishes, rash or eczema there is a good chance it will disappear completely. Even acne can disappear altogether. Most people do not understand that acne is nothing more than a food allergy. Something you are putting in your body is toxic to it, and your body is expelling the toxin through zits.

This is basic stuff, people. Keep in mind, that in regards to blemishes, etc., they may appear extra inflamed just before they are eradicated. Again, this is because there is an increased exiting of toxins.

Again, the cleansing is entirely optional. If you’ve never done it before I might even suggest that you do not take this route, because while very rewarding, doing a colon cleanse is not easy. Of course, it’s up to you. Do some research and make your decision.

Next: Part 4, the Easy Weight Loss Strategy.


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