Nestor Kirchner, The president that rescued Argentina

The president of the nation’s Néstor Kirchner is married since March 9, 1975 with Senator Cristina Fernandez, and fellow student activism at the University of La Plata, after six months of dating. They had their first child, Max, on February 16 1977 and August 6, 1990 Florence was born. 
He started his primary school number 1 in the Ferdinand Magellan, and culminated in the school 10 “Hipólito Irigoyen”. The second was performed in the Republic of Guatemala National College, which graduated as bachelor. 
Néstor Kirchner studied his law at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata and in 1976 was received from counsel. With his wife, who won his title in 1979 – again Rio Gallegos, where they installed a law that is spent during the military dictatorship. 
In 1982 he returned to the members and formally established the Ateneo Lt. Gen. Juan Domingo Perón (Ateneo), from which came after the mayor of the city. 
Restored democracy, from late 1983 until July 1984, Néstor Kirchner was president of the Social Welfare Fund of Santa Cruz. His refusal to contributions to a provident fund be unified then it faced the governor Arturo Puricelli, who dismissed. 
In those months, its management, who accompanied his wife had allowed the saving of one million pesos, which it invested in building a headquarters for retirees who traveled from the interior to the provincial capital to address health issues and procedures . 
Néstor Kirchner in 1986 earned his first victory in the internal party that awarded the majority and minority of the local council Justicialist. 
The following year, all from the Ateneo and by 110 votes over his opponent of radicalism, was elected mayor of his hometown, where he developed an emphatic coordinated plan of public works with strong social policies. 
For the 1989 parliamentary Néstor Kirchner formed the Front for Victory, provincial line, with a list headed by Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner won the victory and achieved their first four lawmakers. Months later, that same year, also won her senatorial candidate, Felipe Luduena. 
On December 10, 1991, with 30.44 percent of votes obtained by Act of lemmas, Néstor Kirchner took over the governor of Santa Cruz. In 1992 he was elected president of the Federal Provincial States Oil Producers (OFEPPHI), and in 1994 as a conventional component for national reform of the Magna Carta. 
In 1995, with 62.09 percent of the vote, became the first president elected in the province. And in 1999, with 52.07 of popular support, he began his third term government, which must decide in the coming days to become the first Santa Cruz to assume the Presidency of the Nation. 
Néstor Kirchner was secretary of the National Political Action Justicialista, where he had been faced with the leadership of Carlos Menem, and since 1993 heads the Santa Cruz PJ. 
Néstor Kirchner in 1996 founded the Current Peronista line internal party nationally. In 2000 he formed “The current ‘space federal political thought and debate. And this year launched the Front for Victory, from which competed for the presidency of Argentina. 

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