How to survive abuse?

Hi I am a 44 year old surviver of spousal abuse. Just want to share with you my survival and how i did it. I was like most teenagers, thought i was in love and married the first man that came along. Basically I went from the frying pan into the fire!

I come from a family of 14 children and as you probably quessed we were poor, very poor. So work was all we knew and of course god. We were raised once married you stayed married and the only grounds for divorce was adultry.This is still my belief today.

I married at 17 and thought I had the world by the tail. Boy was I wrong. I married a man who was older who beat me continually. I was left for dead twice and lost three babies from the beatings, I put up with this abuse because i felt and still feel the only grounds for divorce is adultry! For 2 long years this was my life with this man! When i finally had spiritual proof of his adultries i seperated and proceeded with my divorce. Thats when things really got bad. He rapes me, beat me, stole everything I had work so hard for. I was finally broken spiritualy, physically, emotionally.I had no where to go, noone to turn to!

This is my survival! I prayed eveyday, wrote my personal thoughts in my private journal and sought the proper counciling that I needed so desperately. I got smarter, played harder and yes can even say i lived life to the fullest. I quit looking at me as the problem and realized he was the one with the problem, he was the problem.I quit blaming myself and fixed myself with prayer and I started from the inside out.

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