Runescape Cook’s Assistant Quest Guide

Items Needed: Empty pot, empty bucket.

Talk to the Cook in the Lumbridge kitchen. From talking to him, you will find out that he needs three ingredients for his party. These three ingredients are an egg, a bucket of milk, and flour. Before you continue, make sure to have an empty pot and an empty bucket on you, in order to save time for the next steps. Both of these items can be bought at the Lumbridge General store for 1 coin each.

How to obtain an egg:

From the Lumbridge castle, walk east across the bridge and go north until you reach a chicken coop. There should be a egg spawn in there. Pick up and egg and continue.

How to obtain a bucket of milk:

From the chicken coop, walk a bit east and you will reach the cow pen. Find the dairy cow and select the option to milk it. You will then fill your empty bucket with a bucket of milk. Please note that only the dairy cow can be milked.

How to obtain a pot of flour:

From the cow pen, walk west, past Farmer Fred’s farm until you reach a windmill. There will be a field of grain growing outside the windmill. Pick a grain and go into the windmill. Climb the ladders and reach the top floor. Use the grain on the chute, then operate the controls so that the grain will be ground. Now, climb to the ground floor and collect the flour with your pot.

Finishing up:

Head back to the Lumbridge kitchen. Talk to the cook and you will give him the three ingredients. Congratuations, quest complete!

Reward: 300 cooking experience

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