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Every website owner wants good business from their website, they wish to generate more exposure and more revenue with minimum effort being put in at search engine optimization.

Yes! It certainly is an ideal situation but you could get into problems in promoting your website on internet, if it’s not ethical promotion.

To make sure your SEO campaign is successful, there are certain rules you need to follow on.

Following rules might help you to get on the top SERP.

SEO or search engine optimization is a process of structuring a web page to be found and indexed by the search engines. A website owner should consider search engine optimization to get their website listed at the top of search engines. However, you must know Google search engine algorithm. You need to know the search engine algorithm rules to work your Search Engine Optimization better. There are many factors to be considered for successful search engine optimization. However, some of the golden SEO rules are as follows:

With the following of ethical SEO strategies, your promotion can be sustainable and long lasting making your website rankings at search engines longer. Lets give you a peek into some of the strategies: – Use Common Sense, not Algorithms.

a) Search engine friendly website design
b) No duplicate content- Offer Quality Content, Products and Services
c) Using Relevant, Keyword-Rich Meta Tags
d) Sitemap
e) Search engines submissions
f) Directory submissions
g) Press Releases
h) Link development
i) Article Writing and Submissions
j) U tube vedio submiisions
k) Making Your Website Easy to Navigate

Always Follow an Ethical SEO Technique

An Ethical SEO Technique can only bring your website amongst the top ten ranks. Often, some search engine ranks are obtained using an unethical approach. You must know that an
unethical or black SEO as it is called will rather bring your website result down than up.

Black hat SEO often breaks the search engine rules and regulations. You can see Google and other search engines ban the websites that use this unethical practice.
So, follow the search engine algorithm to get search engine rankings

Relevant Inbound Link

A quality and quantity inbound link can help you win over the search engine’s attention. By building links with other websites, you can actually lay a path for your visitors towards your website. Relevant link building can help you possess high page rank and enhance your
website value according to Google or other major search engines.

Keyword Selection

The right researched keyword can get you the potential customers. The keyword selection is the most important part in the search engine optimization process. Only the right keyword
will help maximize your ROI. It is the keyword or phrases that most people search in the search engine for a particular service or product.

Meta Data

For optimal search engine optimization, the Meta tags on each web page should be unique. You must include a brief title and a more detailed description that is relevant to the website content. The description tag must include a call to action in order to entice web users to
click your listing on the search engine.


Content is always a king and this is true for a guaranteed search engine optimization. You must write your website unique content according to the SEO content writing technique. Other

than making the content readable for the audiences, you must make it original and make it keyword rich content. Keyword rich content will help in the link building process and other websites will naturally link your website.

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