Hugo Chavez, the Bolivarian process

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It is clear that the process of liberation led by Hugo Chávez has achieved a great deal for the working people of Venezuela and has enabled the country to revive itself from the misery in which historically was immersed. The numbers speak for themselves and are reflected in the welfare attained by stripes forever deprived during the years of dominance and submission to oligarchic rule. 

For more than a squall come from the halls of eternal vendepatria from across Latin America, the harshest criticism and malicious wiles more acidic, posing with the only light on the reality in Venezuela and sniff minimally primary features of the everyday it is possible to note the progress made and the ratification of indigenous values. 

Government is a success, no doubt, but these achievements, however, should not cloud the view and deny the vision of its shortcomings. There is still a long list of tasks to realize, this is not, however, the highlight of their flaws. 

The revolutionary spirit of anyone who longs for an independent and united Latin America should conduct their critical vision and work towards the development of the emancipatory process. Fostering, therefore, no means to validate left and right, with eyes closed and without objection. The criticisms are valid and, indeed, central to any mortar revolutionary process. 

The Chavez regime is based on a charismatic leader. There is nothing negative that it is almost a condition of forced movements representing the oppressed classes in our Latin America. 

Movements that claim to the oppressed classes arise from the outskirts of society, are echoing the voices of displaced, the cry of the marginalized. That’s why I do not have the tools that the big cities and congested areas that give charm to the foreign. Before the campaigns were separated from the urban centers where they settled in the more powerful today are, however, the margins of society itself, its banks, where they are born and grow movements and national affirmation of social demands. 

Without an aggregator principle identified in an individual who meets the qualifications claimed that the sovereign people, thus it is impossible for the masses subjugated have weight and power in the political arena of a semi-nation. Attacking the process led by Hugo Chávez therefore also used an analytical tool is provided by the enemies of the revolution, is to undermine the very foundation of the building emancipator. 

But this process of monitoring the charismatic leader must have an absolute rule as the constitution of a solid and lasting organizational base that will enable the movement to transcend the limits logical, biological, intellectual, and get hold of the leader along with the story possibilities and real. 

The leader is only a transitional body’s materiality movement, but such material must be transferred reliably and consistently to an organizational structure that allows the movement spread and survive in the pages of history. Without organization, the movement is dissipated when the forces of struggle and fall of the leader and he is unable to climb over bodies and eager faces, and represent their interests on their behalf. People are always temporary, have a cycle of existence, and therefore, a liberation movement can not assert exclusive and perpetually on the portrait of an individual, more charismatic and well intentioned it is. 

Our national history presents a paradigmatic case in point: Peronism. And Perón, great visionary, predicted that only the time and beating the men go and forget. It is necessary to form a solid body around a doctrine or principle regidor to be able to sustain a project over time and can say that any emancipatory process is or was successful, thus also the emergence of new personalities greedy of power and leadership COPEN miss losing all the achievements. 

Chavism so far has not got a considerable organizational and strong body that allows you to dispense with the figure of Hugo Chávez and give the final thrust to the revolution. Without Chavez no revolution, and this is far from being under one leader and his movement. Rather, one of its main weaknesses and the flank where the main opposition attack should succumb to this historic step that puts so uncomfortable. 

It is necessary to distinguish the leader of the process, the individual figure of the revolution, and that’s not the case in Venezuela today. No premium for the release but the leader and figure in all this is interference. There is greater individual and this impacts negatively on the possibility of realization of the revolutionary project. It is miserable to remove, put on all things design revolution and the men of the same players that are not only its members in a given time. It is always the same revolution that the men who lead, because it is the revolution which represents the oppressed masses thirsty for freedom and sovereignty. 

If we trust in the good faith of Chavez and Venezuela want to see a free and sovereign, the position to take, I think, is to support this measure and the requirement for rapid formation of an organization to overcome Chavez and provide greater robustness to the Bolivarian revolution.


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