Original Swiss Cheese Fondue

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This original Swiss Cheese Fonue should be cooked a served in a special fondue pot. Once it is ready, the dish is put onto a fondue grill to keep it warm.  This recipe serves about 4 people.

2 loafs of crispy white bread

Cut the bread into bite-sized squares and set them into a cute serving basket or bowl.

1 clove of garlic

Cut the clove of garlic in half.

3-4 dl of white wine

Pour the wine into the fondue pot, add the garlic.  Now heat it at low heat.

600-800 g shredded Gruyere cheese

Add the cheese to the wine and garlic and stir the mixture continuously until the cheese has melted.

1 shot of Kirsch liquor

4 teaspoons of Cornstarch

Mix the Kirsch and cornstarch very well until completely smooth.  Then add it to the fondue mixture, stirring well.

some pepper

some nutmeg

Add pepper and nutmeg to taste.  Cook for a few more minutes.

If the mixture seems too heavy and thick, you may add half a pinch of baking soda to it and mix it well. Take the fondue off the stove and set it onto the Fondue grill.  The flame should be very low as we don’t want to burn the cheese. Serve it with crispy white bread that is cut into bite-sized cubes.  With a fondue fork dip the bread into the cheese until it is completely covered with the cheese sauce.

Fondue should be served with either a good white wine or some warm tea.  Avoid cold beverages as it might upset your stomach and slow down your digestion.



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