Eagle Strike – An incredible read!

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Eagle Strike is the fourth book in the excellent Alex Rider series written by the brilliant children`s writer Anthony Horowitz. I think Eagle Strike is one of the best books in the series which is a fantastic achievement. 

Alex Rider is the main character in this book like the rest of the series. He is a reluctant teenage spy for MI6. The book starts off with him relaxing on the beach in France with his friends Sabina Pleasure. When suddenly he sees Yassen Gregorovich, the Russian assassin who killed his uncle. Alex investigates and finds out Yassen is being employed by Damien Cray the man who can do nothing wrong. He then goes out around Europe to find more out about Cray and finds some shocking discoveries and the book also includes a revolutionary games console, Air Force One and a famous singer. 

The best character is Damien Craig who tries to do what he thinks is best for the world but does it with complete ruthlessness and reminds me of other characters in other books and films like in the Dark Knight the character who wants to destroy the world. His scheme will have a massive effect on the whole world and yet he does not think twice about doing it. Alex Rider is also a great character who the target audience teenage boys can relate to. 
The book is full of action and therefore is an action/adventure book with the spy element thrown in for good measure making it an exciting read. This book is like a younger James Bond and the same can be said for the rest of the series. 

My opinion of this book is like the rest of the Alex Rider series that it is brilliant and that Horowitz is a fantastic author. This book like the rest of the series is best for teenagers but can be enjoyed by anyone. I think Eagle Strike is either my favourite book in the Alex Rider series or second as it is just so exciting has lots of twists and turns in the plot, lots of action and great characters written by one of my favourite authors. 

If you like this book obviously read the rest of the series and another series of books I think people would enjoy that is similar is the CHERUB series with the first book called the Recruit which I have also reviewed. 


£4.99 at Amazon 

5/5 Another incredible book in the Alex Rider series and written by Anthony Horowitz. 

Recommended for all! 

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