Finding Inspiration: The Decorating Magazine

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The hardest part of decorating is taking the first step and coming up with an idea. When you draw a blank, consult the experts for inspiration. There are many decorating magazines on the market that can help you with your decorating dilemma.

Do you like French provincial or country chic? Maybe you are the type of person who goes in for modernism or an eclectic feel to your home? Whatever your tastes, there is a magazine that can get you moving in the right direction. But, remember a few things when choosing a magazine to use.

1. Stick within your budget – Some magazines are high-end and the furniture and other effects featured in them come with price tags we couldn’t hope to afford. Recreating those looks will be difficult. Choose a magazine that exemplifies your style but with suggestions for finding pieces within your price range.

2. Consider your space – If you have a large home, using a magazine that features furniture for smaller spaces is not going to work. Your project will go over budget trying to fill all the available space. The same goes for small spaces. Large bookshelves and armoires will not leave you much room to walk around your home.

3. Consider your style – While Country Living magazine may have great rooms, if country style is not for you, then that magazine won’t help. Choose your style and then choose your magazine not the other way around.

4. Browse through the pages – The picture on the front of the magazine is to catch your eye, nothing more. What you are interested in is inside. Does the magazine offer insightful articles that will assist you in your home decorating projects? If the magazine is full of pictures with no resource list or how-to articles to get you started, you won’t get much benefit out of it.

5. Which room are you decorating? There are decorating magazines that are geared to different parts of the house. You will find more detailed information in Kitchens and Bathrooms than you will find in Southern Living. For DIY projects, check out the decorating magazines especially for your types of projects.

6. Try online magazines – There are online resources that are free and you can print the pages that appeal to you. Bookmark useful links to return to later. Online magazines with forums offer another resource – chatting with experienced decorators.

Are you trying to find a place to start with your decorating project? Decorating magazines are there to offer advice and new room ideas if you know where you look.


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