Nacho Libre – Worse than School of Rock!

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After watching the School of Rock (Which I have written about) and thinking it was excellent and really funny I searched for other Jack Black films and that is why I bought this. 

In this film Jack Black plays Nacho who is a Mexican monk who cooks meals for the orphans who live there. He realises that the only way to give the children better food and as he loves wrestling he decides he will become a wrestler! Nacho gets his sidekick and they try to beat all the over wrestlers even though they are actually quite useless! 

While doing this he tries to prove that wrestling is not a sin and also impress Sister Encarnacion. The film has some funny moments and is a little bit silly but does not completely work. 

I think the film has a good idea but does not quite pull it off. The cast in the film do quite a good job with an ok script. Jack Black is really good in his role but just cannot make this film great on his own! 

The actual wrestling matches were quite funny and some of the outfits are brilliant and it seemed like real wrestling. I loved some of the opponents they faced and one pair were hilarious! The picture and sound quality are good as well. One of the bad things about the film is that there are certain parts of the film that don`t follow on and have any results like Nacho eating an eagle egg! 

Overall, I would actually recommend watching this film as it does have its funny moments and would be fine to watch with a family and they would probably quite like it. I would say this film is worth renting but not buying as I can`t imagine you would want to watch it more than once. 
If you like Jack Black I would just about recommend it however School of Rock is much better (read the review I wrote if you are interested!)


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