Mario Kart DS Brilliant for everyone!

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Mario Kart DS is a fun racing game and is probably the best DS games ever and the second best Mario Kart after the brilliant Wii one.

The game is perfect in every way from beautiful and colourful graphics, track designs, the different game modes, the multiplayer which is brilliant and never gets tiresome, the legendary characters and the quirky karts. 

The game has some classic characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach e.t.c. and there are 32 tracks, 8 different cups and four difficulty levels (50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and mirror which is the same as 150cc but you complete the races backwards if that makes sense.) On top of this there are a number of brilliant karts available from Mario`s rocket car (if that is what it is called) to donkey kongs rhino kart or Luigi`s kart that looks like a hoover. 

The weapons are brilliant and range from tortoise shells which you can fire at your opponents to slow them down to the simple banana, the ink thing to the dreaded blue shell which explodes the person in first place. The game is simply perfect. This may all sound complete and utter madness but when you play the game it all makes sense. 

There are a few different game modes like Grand Prix which is like a cup and you do four tracks and whoever has the most point’s wins. In this mode you unlock new tracks, karts and other characters. 

Time trial which is where complete a track in the quickest time possible and can race against yours and other people’s fastest times through the ghost feature. 

Mission mode which is where you do odd missions like driving through posts in a certain order to killing bosses with tortoise shells and mushrooms. This is a good feature and gives the game another dimension. 

The best part of Mario Kart DS though is the multiplayer feature which never allows this game to get boring. If you don`t want to do this for some reason you can have a race with up to 7 other people in the same room and between you only need one copy of the game. This is really good because people who don`t have the game can have fun with it too! 

I really love this game and suggest if you have a Nintendo DS that you buy it! This would be a great Christmas present for a kid with a DS and I am sure they would like it.

Recommended for all!


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