Three Anticipations from Google

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There has been lot of murmurs in the intetnet like google banning or declining the accounts or acting in a monopolistic way.  While I see no reason in such activities of the google, I feel that it is only the way in which google is implementing the terms, that is open to criticism.  Though their action may seem monopolistic, factually it is not.

Google is famous for furnishing the details of operations in a spoon feeding style.  Still, there are some sorts of grudges against the google.  Some of them fall under the following categories: 

Accounts being declined:

One of the reasons for declination of the accounts is that the site has not been active for the past six months before making the application.  It would be better if this condition is exhibited in a captivating manner to catch the attention of the prospective partners of google, just above the provision for sign up. 

‘Multiple clicks’ or ‘own ad clicks’ or ‘fraud clicks’:

It is another major area inviting criticism among the members.  While the google is squarely right in eliminating fraudulent elements from its purview in the interest of the advertising community, it would be better if an opportunity is given to the ignorant surfers, who inadvertently clicked the advertisements which are prohibited by the google’s terms of service.  A warning to the genuine innocent surfers that the repetition of multiple clicks or clicking their own ads will lead to the termination forthwith of the account, including the loss of earning, so far accumulated. 

Terms of service:

A lead to the terms of service may be prominently displayed just above the sign up column so that the attention of the prospective person is not diverted anywhere just before he proceeds to sign up.  Further, the terms of service could be viewed only by scrolling the mouse and not in an open manner as other terms of appearing.  It would be better the entire terms of service are prominently displayed, instead of containing the same in a box. 

Even the bilateral agreements and contracts carefully prepared after a series of serious discussion by the parties on either side are subject to lot of confrontations, it would be just if the common public, with hardly any legal or technical knowledge, commit some violations.  It would be better and just if the google gracefully pardons the first event and warns of permanent ban on repetition.  

Though all things are available, if would be better if a magnanimous consideration is given once.  In fact google show such magnanimity in case of publishers who are permitted to resubmit the site after making corrections in accordance with their policies. 

A prominent display of those vital elements will put a full stop to such unwanted criticisms.


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