Who is George Soros?

George Soros is the largest and most successful speculator on the planet. And in America, even the children of the kindergarten know their legendary adventures in global capital markets. The largest international timbered George Soros is not only a sophisticated speculator, is also philanthropist, philosopher, expert financial and investment manager of stock weight in the sands around the world. 

George Soros was the first figure and a prominent actor in the various economic and financial crisis suffered by the Asian region. More than a yellow can not hear his name without being gripping stomach pains. And more than a prime minister, whether Japanese or Malay, makes the cross when it is named. 

Also, the Russians had to suffer at first hand the vagaries of financial timba, unleashed during the ruble crisis in 1998, thanks to the magic of Soros. George Soros was the only speculator who was in front a golden rule in the bag: “Do not ever speculate against the central bank.” 

Opted in September 1992 the depreciation of the pound, with trembling of the European Monetary System, making Bank of England to her knees and then pass the magic wand, its coffers were increased in 1100 … million dollars! In those days, in important offices of the Old Continent, the name of Soros could not be made. Anyone who commits such a slip, ran the risk of ending in the guillotine. 

George Soros is the man who propositions him to George Bush and Margaret Tatcher to reform the global financial and economic relations and speaking in front of the Congress of the United States, saying that the world capitalist system was permanently shaken by crisis finacieras and more estallaría sooner or later, so he was convinced that the system nesecita important reforms. 

The Hungarian / American George Soros is a man who does not have extravagant tastes and sophisticated pleasures. In the early 80s, had a fortune estimated at about $ 25 million. It was not turkey mucus have similar mountain of bills. But not enough. Later, their investment funds Quantum representing a fortune of nearly $ 100 million. Neither reached. As we begin the new millennium, George Soros’s fortune was estimated at 5,000 million dollars. 

The beginnings of George Soros 

After firing out of the Communists in Budapest, George Soros began studying in London. For 26 years he worked as a broker and analyst at various firms in the United States. Became independent, and together with his partner Jim Rogers, one that knows enough to multiply the dollars it bought an investment fund, the Quantum Funds, well known at that time for their good performances. 

George Soros speculation in the stock market in the short term, and the level of risk of their hedge funds, was very high. The hedge funds are known as Short-Sellers, and are in favor of high risk to low or fall in prices. The so-called Short Sellers “pull” market titles that do not possess, and to speculate that down, then buy at a lower price and returning them. 

The difference between sale and purchase is profit, less a commission to be paid by the “loan”, either to banks or investment funds. It gives a lot of speculators “pasta”, and for those who do not wear a pacemaker last generation. Usually it is for large investors, those who own mountains of dollars, that is everywhere in the USA, or to institutional investors … yes, the big banks, insurance companies or investment houses, love timba. 

The Soros Fund Management manages six hedge funds with a total investment of more than 70,000 million dollars. George Soros was convinced that their speculations, and other derivatives “financial products” of high risk may become an automatic trigger in a chain reaction in markets throughout the world. 

George Soros made a huge fortune in the financial markets. Part of it goes to various organizations and foundations around the world. They support training in law, media, culture and the internet. In October 2001 the wallet of the “magician” is off about 250 million dollars that went to the Central European University in Budapest, which he founded in 1991 for students throughout Eastern Europe and which annually supports approximately 20 million dollars. 

Philanthropist George Soros 

George Soros also announced its intention to establish in China a similar training center. In 1992, Soros gave $ 50 million to the United Nations to have them get up to the inhabitants of Sarajevo, affected by war, and in 1996 was the largest donor to the United States for the assistance of legal immigrants, with a contribution of 360 million dollars. 

As a great speculator, George Soros is incorrigible. It is the only one who thinks of mountains of dollars to invest in a country that is on the canvas for some time and whose future can neither soothsayers predict. Soros is the biggest landowner in Argentina with 400,000 acres and more than 160,000 cows adorn the gaucho pampas. 

George Soros also owns shopping centers in the tumultuous Buenos Aires, hotels and shares in several companies. Soros also has some chips wagered in Mexico. Housing, apartments, offices, hotels, and other investments of over 1,300 million dollars. 

Although George Soros is currently still “stuck” in the business, long since turned away from the daily bustle of Wall Street. He lives in Park Avenue and as usual with those who were “touched” by fortune, he donated part of his wealth to charities and charity. Help build the economy of Eastern Europe. Traveling around the world. Enjoy your million. 

And is dedicated to write books criticizing aberrations and tumors of capitalism. 

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