Stick to your New Year’s resolution.

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Many of us make New Year’s resolutions fearing that we will not stick ti them, or even know that we will not stick to them. Here is how you can change that this year and stick to your New Year’s resolution.

CHANGE YOUR MINDSET: The first thing that hurts us is our mind set. We go into the New Year thinking that we will set a resolution, but we will not accomplish it. Change that now! Think positive about you New Year’s resolution. Believe in yourself. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you can accomplish this New Year’s goal and you will. Repeat it over and over again, until you begin to believe it. You are strong and your mind is stronger, so put it to work!

REWARD YOURSELF: Many times we set goals like losing weight or trying to quit smoking. These can be difficult resolutions to accomplish, but that’s the point. A New Year means new beginnings and that’s exactly what you want to accomplish with your New Year’s resolution. So, start by setting your goals, then when you achieve one reward yourself with something you enjoy. If you are trying to lose weight, set small goals like 5 pounds, when you lose your next 5 pounds reward yourself with a shopping trip or a new pair of shoes. Try to avoid rewarding yourself with food. If you are trying to quit smoking, set a goal to smoke one cigarette less every week until you quit. At the end of each week that you accomplish each goal, treat yourself to a sundae or another favorite treat.


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