Nostradamus Predictions for 21st Century – Prophecies of the Ancient Seer for the Millennium and Beyond

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According to the 16th Century seer Nostradamus, the end of the 20th century would be a time of trauma and transition. He specifically mentioned the month of July 1999 as a time of some significance when there would be armed conflict and a massive weapon which could be chemical or bacteriological. This weapon would be the cause of many deaths. This prediction coincided with the last eclipse of the century which took place in August 1999.
And this event, according to Nostradamus, would shock the world. He then predicted that the start of the 21st Century would bring famine, war and disease. In his verses, he speaks of “fire in the skies” and some see this as a possible comet or a meteor crashing into the earth.

Prophecies of Nostradamus
This fire in the sky has also been interpreted as Haley’s comet, the comet which crossed the skies in 1985. Since then, and up to the end of the century, Nostradamus predicted a time of violence, destruction, loss of religious faith, famine and plague.
According to his prophecies, there would be another two wars as the 21st century begins and it is likely that a Middle Eastern dictator will emerge. He will appear as a Saviour with all the answers but he is, however, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Nostradamus speaks of religious conflicts and a major disaster around the time of the Olympic Games.
There will be a complete upheaval of existing social orders, according to his prophesies and religions but mankind will be reunited under a new religious leader.
Scientific attempts to control the weather will cause floods and hurricanes and the landscape will become more desolate. Nostradamus also foresaw the failure of a powerful machine which lives but has no feelings and this will cause great destruction.
This all sounds very doom-laden, so did Nostradamus have any visions of hope for those who are entering the third millennium? Although he predicted famine and war, he did NOT believe that the millennium would mark the end of the world. Instead, Nostradamus seemed to see events around the year 2002 as the beginning of a new and more peaceful golden era. He even speaks of another 1797 years of human history beyond the year 2000. 
Points to Ponder about Nostradamus
So according to the world’s most famous sage, what do we have to look forward to? He describes the turn of the century as a time of famine and plague. – A time when:

  • A dictator will emerge from the Middle-East. He will appear as a Saviour with all the answers but beware. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  • Although the west will hesitate before retaliating, a world revolution will take place.
  • There will be a complete upheaval of existing social orders and religions. However, mankind will be united under a new religious leader and the earth will be in peace for some time afterwards.
  • Scientific attempts to control the weather will lead to horrific hurricanes.
  • During the 21st century, there will be worldwide famine and the landscape will become more and more desolate. – Whether this will be caused by environmental problems or as a result of war, this is not so apparent.

Note however, that a lot of controversy has centred on these complex verses as interpretations and translations do vary. Some prophecies have not and cannot be verified while others are too vague to make any real sense. Some have claimed that his prophecies were no more than guesswork yet there’s that elusive-something about his verses which has fascinated generation after generation.

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