How to remove Ubuntu from windows vista

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There are many guides concerning Ubuntu out in the web, but only a few of them guide users through the process of removing Ubuntu. Removing Ubuntumay seem like an imposible task to many beginners but this guide will take you throughout the process step-by-step.

Step 1- Remove the Ubuntu partition

You can do this by pressing the start button (the shiny blue orb) and then pressing control panel. In the search part of the control panel, type in “partition”. After that one option called “Administrative Tools” should appear. Use that and remove the partition that Ubuntu is currently on.


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Step 2- Make sure you have your vista installation CD

If you have your Vista installation CD, you are one step ahead and can proceed to the next step. (do not get the installation cd and recovery cd mixed up)

Now like many users out there (including myself), Vista was already installed into your system when your purchased it. Do not panic, you can burn a copy of the cd in the following link. (click the word “link”)

Now after you download the appropriate file, burn it on to a CD and save it for later.

Step 3- Now restart your computer, Vista should not boot up and your computer will leave you with a horrible black screen, don’t panic. Insert your Vista installation CD into the computer and turn the computer off with the “off” button (please don’t ask me where the off button is). Holt the power button for around 5 secs and the computer should turn off. Now, turn it back again. After it turns on, it should boot into the Vista Installation CD.


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Step 4- Select your language and currency preferences and press next. Click repair your system, select the correct operating system and press next.


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Step 5- Press control panel and type the following Bootrec.exe/FixMbr and press enter.

You are finished, reboot your system and Vista should be back!!


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