Proving God’s Existence Through Man and Nature

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Which is correct?

Random Occurrance Versus Organization

To believe the big bang theory you would have to subscribe to believing in random occurrance. In random occurrance random results are produced. For instance, if you were to flick a paint brush full of paint at a wall the pattern produced on the wall would be random. You would not see a discernible pattern or any order to the paint that is on the wall.

In the universe and on the Earth, visible patterns of organization and order can be seen.

The Earth revolves around the Sun in a predisposed path of orbit and time sequence. The moon does the same around the Earth. None of these orbits or time references has been deviated from for thousands of years.

It always takes 365 ( or 364) days for the Earth to completely revolve around the Sun and that time pattern has not changed during man’s existence and for all intent and purpose, probably will never change.

Random occurrance would produce an unpredictable pattern, order or time these events  You would not be able to see any visible, predictable or definitive  pattern and you certainly would not be able to predict when these events would occur because they occur randomly.

In the Earth we witness seasonal changes which happen at pretty much the same time and at the same locations every year without much variance. This precisional changing of seasons suggests that there is some form of ordering which has been put in place.

Even Science itself has proven that anything that has organization must have an organizer. This is an undisputed fact that is documented in everyday life..

Every morning the Sun rises in the east and in the evening sets in the west. Every winter it snows in Colorado. Every winter in the north, certain groups of birds fly south covering hundreds of miles without any navigational system. Everytime a woman becomes pregnant she gives birth approximately nine months later, with some exceptions.

“Every” suggests order and organization. Order and organization suggets an orderer or an organiizer. And that organizer would be God.

There is too much order in the world for it to have come from disorder. That is not logical and since Science is based on logic it seems that the existence of a creator or organizer would make perfect, logical, scientific sense. To suggest that perfect order originated from total chaos is contradictory and in total disagreement with scientific logic.

Nature itself proves the existence of God. From the rolling mountains to the glistening seas, his hand print and workmanship is in everything we see and touch. There cannot be any denial as to the existence of God for anyone who has held a newborn baby has seen the work of his hands.


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