Quick & Easy Steps to Live a Green Life at Home

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There are a few quick things that everyone can do to live a greener life at home and help safe the environment .  Give one or all a try!

1.  Banish Your Phantoms. Appliances drain energy when they are plugged in even if they are turned off (known as “phantom” or “vampire” power). To fix this, start by unplugging a few appliances (e.g., TV’s, DVD players, lamps, microwave, toaster, coffee maker,laptop, etc.) when they are not in use and then gradually increase the number of appliances that you unplug. Better yet, use a power strip and flip the on/off switch to turn off multiple appliances.

2. Lighten Up. Did you know that a typical incandescent light bulb gives off greenhouse gas emissions? To prevent this, switch to compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL’s). Not only will you be reducing emissions but you’ll also save money in the long run.

3.  Green Clean. Many popular cleaners (including bleach and ammonia) can irritate your eyes, nose, and lungs. Some products have additional ingredients the can mix with the ozone and become even more hazardous. Instead, choose cleaning products that are “Green Seal” or “EcoLogo” approved.

4.  Go Vinyl Free. Another popular product found in many bathrooms is the vinyl or PVC shower curtain. Hard to imagine that they emit 108 chemicals, but they do, and some of those chemicals can be harmful. Try using PVC-free plastic shower curtains or use ones made of bamboo or cloth instead.


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